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Addition and Subtraction Unit and a Freebie

educationjourney: Addition and Subtraction Unit and a Freebie

Daily Calendar & Math Vocabulary Practice

Addition and subtraction anchor charts to help the kids remember which way to go on the number line. Smart!

Twenty addition worksheets are contained in this pack to help provide extra addition practice for your students. Worksheets are grouped as follows: Sums of 5 to 8, Sums of 9 to 12, Sums of 13 to 16, Sums of 17 to 20. $

Freebie centers: telling time to 5 minutes, and adding coins

Here's a set of 4 different Christmas themed games, each for practicing a different operation.

adding and subtracting on the number line

Open Ended Word Problems: Complex, multi-step challenges to engage students, and to embed the Standards for Mathematical Practice in your classroom. (Grade 3-5) $

Math about Me--first page of my Interactive Notebooks done the first week of school.

Don't Get Zapped! This game was made for first graders, but could oh so easily be adapted for older students with multiplication, division, decimals and more.

"More or Less" Taught the Kindergarten Crayon Way... Partners each draw a number card, build a cube tower to match their number, & compare to find which is more & less. THEN, they spin the More/Less spinner to see which wins (More or Less) the round, and that student gets to keep both cards. This set is Thanksgiving-themed, but YOU can adapt it!

This includes 82+ math vocabulary cards perfect for a pocket chart or word wall. The cards have a chevron pattern that allows them to be color coded by domain and the corresponding picture on each card helps the children remember the meanings of each word.

I really wish more teachers would teach this. I never counted on my fingers because i knew this. I still use it. Definitly teaching this to my kids.

Partner Angle Measuring Activity - CCSS Aligned:4.MD.C.6 Measure angles in whole-number degrees using a protractor. Sketch angles of specified measure.

Lego Math Game {Greater Than or Less Than} from One Perfect Day