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I ♥ Robin Williams... In sooo many ways he reminds me of my wonderful dad! He is my hero and so is Robin Williams :)

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Robin Williams: A True Best Friend…

Robin Williams: A True Best Friend…

tumblr demons lyrics imagine dragons | mbep:IMAGINE DRAGONS - Demons

~ I'll tell you about my demons while you tell me about yours. Maybe they'll get along well enough to fall in love and leave us alone.

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” ― Tennessee Williams

Between weeding out some people in my life and the presence of my beloved, I've managed to silence the demons that once haunted me. It's only now, I feel at peace and at ease. Kylie, you truly saved me. I love you

.All my demons come at night and only leave at dusk...

I understand this... I wouldn't be the same without the things I've survived. I'd love to not remember the things I do, but at the same time.... At the same time, my past shaped me. And without it, I would not be who I am, and I get more comfortable with who she is every day.

We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours. ~ I have fallen in love with this quote

~ My demons, though quite, are never quite silenced. Calm as they may be, they wait patiently for a reason to wake, take an overdue breath, and crawl back to my ear.

trust me. I've had so many boyfriends. But everytime I'm almost getting marrie, my boyfriends somehow die. First Gerard, now Augustus. Sometimes it seems that I am a cancer that's killing all of them.

Living this life.

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