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Arkansas Engagement Ideas

An engagement symbolizes the next big step in your lives, so it needs to hold its own special magic. We're here with some recommendations on how you can make it unforgettable!

After a soothing cup of coffee from Java Primo, hand her a book. Have the inside cut out with the ring nestled inside. Make the book a personal connection between the two of you, and she will swoon! #arkansas

Welcome to JavaPrimo Coffee House, Cafe, & More!

Give her a sweet surprise with her morning cup of coffee. The two of you can enjoy the brew on your balcony overlooking Lake Hamilton at #lookoutpoint. #arkansas

Enjoy a romantic picnic lunch (packed by #lookoutpoint) while you explore hiking trails or Garvan Woodland Gardens. Find the perfect spot, and at the end of the meal, pop the question! #arkansas

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Recreate this fall marriage proposal on one of the hiking trails at Lake Catherine. The waterfall will be the perfect backdrop for a romantic proposal! #arkansas

Falls Branch Trail - Lake Catherine State Park

Give her a lovely surprise on a rainy day! While walking on the promenade in downtown Hot Springs, stop as if to tie your shoe and then pop the question. #arkansas

Propose while walking in the gorgeous Garvan Woodland Gardens. The location will add beauty to the intimate moment. #arkansas

After a romantic dinner out, have rose petals leading her to the balcony in your room at #lookoutpoint. Have champagne waiting for her. Pop the question before you pop the cork! #arkansas

Recreate this Up proposal in the #lookoutpoint garden! Tie some balloons to a chair near the lake and present her with your own adventure book. Have the engagement ring on the last page! #arkansas

Serenade her with a romantic song in the Arlington Park in downtown Hot Springs. When the song is finished, pop the question! #arkansas

101 Things To Do - Lookout Point Lakeside Inn

Begin with a gourmet breakfast en suite, and you can propose in an intimate, peaceful setting. Then, the rest of the day is about celebrating!