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Lorena Kelm
Lorena Kelm
Lorena Kelm

Lorena Kelm

Blood clot on gauze dressing fibres Partially dried red blood cells clotted on the cotton fibres of a gauze wound dressing. Imaged at low vacuum to avoid charging of cotton fibres. Electron Microscopy x1500

A human body in cross sections. Museum Surgical Science

Day of the dead door knocker:) this is a must have

Shorpy is an online archive of thousands of high-resolution photos from the 1850s to 1950s. The site is actually a blog that posts photos on a daily basis and keeps them archived and searchable. Each photo links to a high-resolution image.

Anatomy print: Juan Valverde de Amusco (1525-1588 or thereabouts), Anatomia del corpo humano..

Spider eye, taken with objective microscope.

While I am rather introverted most of the time, my husband is quite the opposite! This was very enlightening to me! How an introvert's brain works compared to how an extrovert's brain works.

Man Ray. Self-portrait, c.1935. “The tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow.” Man Ray

Plastinated circulatory system.

Bruschetta Pasta {only a few ingredients and super quick to put together!} |

In Egyptian mythology Horus is the hawk-headed god who was born to Isis. He and she are often shown in statues in a way echoed much later by those of Mary with the baby Jesus. Like Jesus, Horus is the product of divine conception. The Eye of Horus was a symbol for resurrection, power, protection and health!

“We held hands. It’s funny, even at the height of our friendship, as guys, you’d never hold hands. I sat with him for a few hours when he was in treatment about 10 days from his death. We joked about things – just amusing, nutty stuff. It was good. It was like we were dreaming. He was my little baby brother, almost, because I’d known him that long”. - Paul McCartney talking about George’s death

Interesting Facts about Ed Gein Serial Killer

Bored? You can make giant, stretchy, REUSABLE bubbles that had our entire family giggling for hours!

For all of us Investigative Discovery fans

1974 JCPenney Christmas Catalog

That time Tumblr explained the historical importance of saying no to ~dRUGs~. | 17 Times Tumblr Explained A Thing Better Than School

I have this in my fridge with my lunch in it for tomorrow!

"This may look like Salvador Dali's Mae West Lips Sofa, but it is a colourised scanning electron microscope image of a diatom - a tiny single-celled marine creature invisible to the naked eye." The Telegraph. Image by Dr Paul Hargreaves and Faye Darling