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Classroom ideas

Math = Love: Algebra 1 Interactive Notebook Entries over Functions, Relations, and Slope

Hang a ring above each table. Each time the entire table is on task and doing what they are supposed to do-they earn a monkey! (from Barrel of monkeys game) You just hang one on the ring! When they get 5 monkeys they get a reward:) LOVE it!

Do you ever have a student that just needs to get out of the room for a minute and get a new perspective? Give them "The mysterious envelope" to deliver! This is brilliant!

Weekly Report...great for Parent communication.

Read aloud expectations.

My solution to my students forgetting pencils/having to sharpen pencils. They already have class numbers and now they all have a pencil that must be left in my classroom at all times. If a pencil goes missing I know whose it is by the missing number and they will lose points off their grade. I call it "The Silencer." :) GENIUS!!

AWESOME IDEA! Gallon Ziploc bags + Duck tape = An art quilt! Students' work slides in the back. You won't see where it says Ziploc because that is on the back side!

Chit chat chart- pull a square off the chart when a child is talking while the teacher is talking. If all 3 are pulled, child loses time at recess...............good for a chatty class!!

Sticky note lesson plan book - makes it easy to switch things around for following years

Packing-up checklist! Great idea!

this is a great idea...students sign out when they leave the classroom

partner game "sarasponda" with rhythm sticks. these guys don't change tempo but it would be fun to see the chaos that would ensue if you did...

A behavior chart that works with severe behaviors and motivation concerns for upper elementary students. It can be completely customized too!