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Printable Workout to Customize and Print: Six Pack Abs Abdominal Workout Routine for Men and Women

Six Pack Abs Core Strength Printable Workout

Tara Stiles Yoga Anywhere $17.99

A list of how many calories are burned during dvds from Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Denise Austin, Jackie Warner, and more.

New Arrival: Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies DVD Set

Buns of Steel 3, Abs of Steel and Arms & Abs of Steel now on DVD in this Classic collection!

Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover [Paperback]

The break down of why women should run and what happens. Interesting!

Stop what you're doing, put on some workout clothes, and do this. Only 12 minutes!

7 Day arm challenge - different exercises every day for a week, one commenter says she lost 1.5 inches in 2 weeks.

Crunches are not enough: These six moves target your deep abdominal muscles -- to keep your whole system looking and feeling beautifully balanced

Do this for 2 weeks and watch your tummy and thighs shrink...and all you need is a wall and a yoga mat!

Dry brushing benefits: eliminates cellulite, cleanses the lymphatic structure, eliminate dead skin coatings, makes the immune system stronger, stimulates the hormone and oil producing glands; tightens the skin to prevent untimely aging, makes the quality of your muscles better, stimulates circulation, enhances the performance of the nervous system, aids digestion and most of all, it is considered as the simplest and cheapest way of rejuvenating your skin.

Ballet Thigh Workouts