I love these! Vintage Pink Barbie dolls

I love these! Vintage Pink Barbie dolls

Harley-Davidson® Ken® Doll #2 | Barbie Collector

Harley-Davidson® Ken® Doll #2 | Barbie Collector

Ming Celadon by Matisse

Ming Celadon | Matisse Fashions and Doll Patterns

"Career" Barbie. For once, barbie is wearing something I might actually wear.

Doll... If Meggles, Kimmie and Jackie Warner were all friends, they'd have a 4th pal that looked like this.

1962 BARBIE Black Patent Wardrobe Case or Trunk with Solo in the Spotlight by PONYTAIL and MATTEL I had this one!

vintage Barbie friends I forgot about Ricky !! My Skipper had the blue outfit with the heart.

The only Thanksgiving Barbie ever produced by Mattel (2010) Barbie Fan Club Exclusive ~ from the Fashion Model Collection

Johnny Depp Barbie | Johnny Depp 01 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!--why don't I own this already?! :)

OMG Yellow Submarine Barbie Dolls. LOL ♥ I so wish I had the money for these!!!!!!!

Barbie & Francie Love The Beatles!

Barbie Beatles Robot=Love

French artist Jocelyne Grivaud's Barbie interpretation of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine poster.

Elvis and Priscilla (I swear the Priscilla doll looks like Asia DeVinyl)

vintage Barbie pic - I remember this very clearly - I guess that makes me vintage too! Ha Ha!

Legend of Ireland..."Aine". Silver Label. 5th Doll in Series. Release date: 10/1/2008 PC: L9638 (HAVE HER)

...vintage Barbie at home in her mod living room -- even Barbie smoked back then -- lol...

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