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~Making a Difference, and Helping Others~

This board is in honor of those who selflessly, have given of themselves each and every day, to help others by their simple acts of kindness. Look at the stories revealed here. These heros are all around us, and often they go unnoticed. Let us be reminded that we all need to show others our gratitude towards them, whenever we can. By doing so, each and every one of us, with even the smallest of gestures, will be making a difference in helping to make this world a much better place.

super cute and innovative mailboxes!

Formerly Homeless Man Invents Portable Shelters to Help Others | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine

Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant that has no prices. Guests may select whatever they like and make the minimum donation. If they can afford to donate more they are helping feed their neighbor. If they are unable to donate, guests may volunteer for an hour in exchange for their family's meal.

It's natural to help people

Spread your love everywhere you go

No act of kindness no matter now small is ever wasted

Pray for your enemies and forgive those who do all manner of evil against you...forgiveness doesn't mean foolishness, it's foolishness to trust someone who has proven themselves to be untrustworthy. We can forgive and pray without making that person our best friend. Trust is earned...Forgiveness is commanded.

Stop Domestic Violence!

Kindness is a Virtue

Hug someone, every day. It's a proven antidepressant and can say something that words just can't.