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These Fajita-Ranch Chicken Wraps will satisfy your craving for Mexican food without the big price tag of eating out. More healthy dinner recipes under three dollars:

These homemade White Bean Burgers are a quick protein-packed dish. See 15 more simple dinners:

Not only are these Fajita-Style Quesadillas healthy but they are only forty three cents per serving! More healthy dinner recipes under three dollars:

Grilled plums and sweetened polenta makes the perfect fruit-filled dessert. More irresistible grilled desserts:

Grilled Avocado tacos, an absolute must this summer! They may not look like much, but trust me before you know it youll be shoveling your 5th taco in your mouth ohsweetbasil.com_-2

Avocado Toast with Chili Flakes and Crushed Pistachios by thebittenword #Avocado_Toast

Sweet Basil Lemonade by thekitchn as adapted from Gourmet: Nonalcoholic, but yes would taste pretty good with vodka. #Basil_Lemonade #Lemonade #Beverages #thekitchn #Gourmet

nutty caramelized cauliflower

red velvet donuts. Yum!

Makes your bacon stay put on a BLT and appear in every bite.

winter greens and cannellini bean soup

Sweet potato coconut curry with chicken and bacon.