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' there’s you, there’s me, and then, there’s the craving in between. '

How true. I finally see why you don't want to see me, much easier to forget what it's like than to open up that box of emotions again. Well tough shit, you're seeing me again. :)

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  • Lori Union

    I love you and know we are meant for each other. No doubt about it. Soulmates for sure.

Is this what we do in the months we don't see each other? I'm really missing you! Might be missing US more!

This is SO easy for u, isn't it!? : )

  • Lori Union

    When we kiss the way we do, EVERYTHING is easy! Effortless baby!

Sweet dreams baby! You have no idea how deep my love for you runs! You are an incredible woman who makes my life worth living!

Our poor sweet souls. I'm sure they are crying for the other all of the time.....

What would I do in that 15 min? Prob what I posted on our secret board.... Keep thinking of things I could have done differently. Like not allowing so many months to go by without seeing you. At least I told you how crazy in love I was with u everyday. Hope u believed me. If only I had the luxury of showing you, too....but doubt it would have changed your mind. I wish I could see you one more time.....Have one more kiss. : (

I am missing the fuck out of you right now. It hurts damn bad. :(

  • Lori Union

    That would have been our good morning text to each the same time. Miss that. I really miss you.

  • Lori Union

    Trying so hard not to think about what our mornings AND nights would have been like. So effortless and pure. How many times would we have kissed each day? Hundreds? :)

  • Lori Union

    Thousands, for sure! It would have annoyed u after awhile. : ). Had those thoughts last night at dinner. Thought about what it would be like with u there next to me. Exact same feelings when I first moved away.

  • Lori Union

    I seriously don't have a clue how to live my life without you. I'm dead. Nothing in the tank. Felt like my life revolved around you for so long and LOVED that it did. I have a hole in my heart that can't be patched or fixed. Am I just supposed to carry this heartache around the rest of my life?

  • Lori Union

    : (. U KNOW I feel EXACTLY the same way. TERRIBLE, isn't it!!!???? HATE THIS!!!

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How true this is. :( Terrified of going thru life that way. Can I see you one more time before you leave? Please? I LOVE YOU DD!

  • Lori Union

    U know I would love to see u again. U have a busy day. Need to be at airport at 4pm. I love you too. So bad it hurts.

  • Lori Union

    Terrifies me to think of my life without you.

  • Lori Union

    Want to drive out to see u again before I leave. SHIT!!!!! Loved looking into your fabulous blue eyes. The love I have for you is so deep. I hope u never doubt how strong my feelings are for u. I pray today isn't the last day I ever see u again. : (. I love you and I hope you will be happy. You deserve a wonderful, passionate and happy life. Do not settle for anything less baby! I do NOT want to leave.