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Sweet and Sexy Quotes

Yes...... : ). This is how we kiss and I can so tell how much you love me and want me by the way you kiss me.

Yes it is. Don't forget it! I love and miss you baby!!

Yes... until then... I will miss you!!

Love Quotes | PINrIcfar

Every morning for almost three years now.... EVERY morning! I love you!!

  • Lori Union

    I LOVE YOU! Dying to hear your sexy voice next to me as I pull your warm body tight against mine and wrap myself around you!

  • Lori Union

    I love you MORE!!! Let me show you!!!!

Never have met someone who melts me with her voice until I met you. Thank you for that, you awakened emotions I didn't even know I had!

  • Lori Union

    : ). The feelings are SO SO mutual!!!!!!! U have no idea!!!!