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Miss them and you!!!

  • Lori Union

    I get more addicted every day with you! We have a bond that is so unique, I'm not sure I could even describe it to anyone! Unbelievable! I miss us together! My body misses us too!

  • Lori Union

    It is incredible AND TOO good to believe!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

We have ruined each other WITH each other! You are my soulmate! Nobody else will ever compare!

' there’s you, there’s me, and then, there’s the craving in between. '

How true. I finally see why you don't want to see me, much easier to forget what it's like than to open up that box of emotions again. Well tough shit, you're seeing me again. :)

Searching. | Food for Thought.
  • Lori Union

    I love you and know we are meant for each other. No doubt about it. Soulmates for sure.

Is this what we do in the months we don't see each other? I'm really missing you! Might be missing US more!

This is SO easy for u, isn't it!? : )

  • Lori Union

    When we kiss the way we do, EVERYTHING is easy! Effortless baby!

Our poor sweet souls. I'm sure they are crying for the other all of the time.....