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Offensive Old Ads & Such

What were the advertising people thinking in the 50's and 60's? I grew up in the 60's and still find these revolting! To think the public mindset in general was so bad that no one thought twice about these ads. I've included ads & things from all eras that would be found insensitive and/or offensive today.

"1960s: At this point women were sexually liberated and intellectually relevant — but they better not be pear shaped! The '60s marked the beginning of an intense period of diet-oriented advertising targeting women."


you have GOT to be kidding me


Is this real? I mean, come on...SOUL AIDS??! and "Priced competitively with the pink ones".

  • mikE™ Moody

    Okay, one more. Do they make bandages for senior citizens with aging spots, or ones with freckles for gingers?

  • Laura Osburne

    LMAO! You know, I'd love to manufacture all of those. I bet they'd sell, too! Too funny!

  • mikE™ Moody

    HAHAHA! Too funny for sure! : )

  • Lynda Gutierrez

    I just recently saw a pin for duct tape color bandages for that manly man look!

  • Sharon Hardin

    Lots of souls need aid...shoulda been a best seller!

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The Following is from a 1950s home economics textbook intended for high school girls, teaching them how to prepare for married life. Good God, and to think I was raised with these types of ideas.

  • Tatiana Martin

    I'm good. I'll write you soon =) I want to use some of the posts on your board for a project with students. Would you mind? I don't want my students laughing at things like the Lucy show or others not really thinking about how offensive they can be.

  • Lieschen García

    Is this for real?

  • K. Syren

    Actually, there's evidence that its not actually real

  • Laura Osburne

    I've owned a lot of old books, from 1800s up, that say exactly things like this, so I wouldn't be too surprised if it's true. I have no clue if it is or not, though. But some of those old books & articles, even from when I was a kid (1960s), just blow me away when I read them now.

  • K. Syren

    I think I read that this exact one was made up, but that it was based on all the magazines and pamphlets of that time period, so it may as well be considered legitimate.

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Teen retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has been accused of avoiding XL or XXL sizes in women's clothing because they don't want overweight women wearing their brand. They just want the "cool kids" to wear it, and they don't consider plus-sized women as being a part of that group. Later, the brand apologized and said that they commit themselves to supporting anti-bullying and diversity, but there are still no big clothes.

Nike's ad featuring athlete Oscar Pistorius with the tagline “I am the bullet in the chamber” had to be removed from the Olympic sprinter's website after he was charged with murdering his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp.

  • Renee Gafnea

    And then too, Nike also is connected to Michael Vick, which means I will never buy anything from them...

  • Laura Osburne

    Oh that's right! Gross!

Whoa! Bad, Disney!! Disney Rejection Letter to a Woman

wow. ad from the 60s.

I think I already posted this old 60's ad, but in case I didn't, here it is in all its small minded, offensive glory.

lol...this1956 ad for Baker's Coconut would cause a huge fuss if circulated nowadays. Read the ad. (Hoboken Historical Museum)

Really?! >:/

  • Liz Burnside

    Applies to diphenhydramine: oral capsule, oral disintegrating strip, oral liquid, oral tablet, oral tablet chewable,...guess it zoned you out

Oh good lord!! And to think this was acceptable such a short time ago. Blows my mind.

um...why is the whole thing written like that? hmm. :/

  • Josh Mitchell

    How is this any different than "I'm lovin' it"...? And every commercial (practically) has only blacks in it? To me, that's racist to whites, but who cares about white folk anymore, right? After all, "we deserve it"...