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Things From My Kids' Childhood in 80's, 90's & 00's

A list of things that tug at my heart when I see them...things that instantly snap my mind & heart right back to the wonderful moments of raising my three amazing children. They're grown up now, and these glimpses make me smile & tear up at the same time. Ah, memories...

The Ring 1998

50 Genuinely Creepy Horror Movies

The Blair Witch Project

50 Genuinely Creepy Horror Movies

marker stamps girls loved these

Oh this looks so familiar and cozy. I remember walking the non-tourist area streets of Japan, exploring with my little girl. Such a fascinating place. Kyoto Street, Japan

"90s kids-I couldn't wait to open these!" Aww, I remember getting these for my kids. : )

my son had this! Playskool Poppin Pals Bright and Colorful Fun for Your Little One | eBay


Born in the 80s...grew up in the 90s

CHILD GUIDANCE: 1973 Sesame Street Bert Hand Puppet #Vintage #Toys


OH MY GOSH! I've been looking for a photo of this bear doll line everywhere! Both my daughters collected these when they were girls. Every year I'd get them a differently dressed one. Bearly People (Vintage But New Victorian Bear Royal Tapestry 16" Limited Edition | eBay)

Long John Silver's Takeout Box

Ah yes, I got these for my kids...eyeglass silly straws. You could drink & watch the drink go up around your eyes,

Sonic Sound Sizzlers Noise Magnets ! Got these for my son. I think they were called Buzzers, too. You'd throw these 2 magnets up and they'd buzz. Kinda fun. :)

Shrieks Creaks Talking Board Game from1988 ! Oh my gosh, my girls LOVED this game. Heck, so did I! The cassette got all funky though. I tried buying another on Ebay but that cassette didn't work. Darn it. It was really a very cool game. Hmm...maybe I'll try again. :)

Vintage 1987 Parker Brothers Monster Mash game ...I got this for my son when he was little. It was a fun game! Still have this piece somewhere around here....

Vintage 1987 Parker Brothers Monster Mash Action Game Toy Piece

aw, my son had this! ...Vintage Fisher Price Mattel Castle Playset With Knight Figures AND Accessories | eBay