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“Seventeen’s Ultimate College Style Contest”

This is my dream list of everything I would take to college with me if I win the gift card!

This small wall rack will hold all your jewelry without taking up any room on the floor. La Folie: INSPIRATION JEWELRY STORAGE


This outfit is beautiful and will be stunning on any day of the week who knows you might just land a guy lol! All Things Girly & Beautiful

This bright neon green bikini will make everyone spot you and wish they were you! Bikinis, $49 & Under

A girl always needs a pair of shoes that she is in love with and will make all the other girls and boys go WOW! Bamboo Covina-40 Snake Platform Pump

This Pink jeweled orb light will finish off the room and make it feel a little like home and we can use this for a dimmer light at night time. Pink-Fuchsia Wild Orb Pendant w/plug