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Homemade I Spy tube...99 things to find. Great for car trips and always reusable!

Awesome DIY for lighting a kid's cardboard box fort

Our World of Us: Finding our groove.

infant and sibling...I cannot even think of having a second baby right now but this is too darn sweet!!

DIY Cushion for bench seat~Attach the foam to a piece of plywood using spray adhesive. Then, wrap the plywood and foam with cotton batting and staple on the fabric.

Genius!! two tall skinny bookcases on their sides with fabric bins and custom cushions.

When I was breastfeeding Sofie, I was always hungry. Why? Because women emit anywhere between 425-700 calories per day into their breast milk, which is great for baby but also leaves you feeling de...

I have been searching for a good family pose with a newborn without the older sibling being pushed aside. This is perfect!

This is so cute, I wish I was brave enough to cut my hair like this..

Excellent read!! My baby is normal! NOT trained... :) I'm a breastfeeding, cosleeping mama and proud of it!

This is too adorable! A must make for Mom or Dad. This idea is perfect for a card or a ceramic tile, you could even do it on a small canvas and hang it up. Way too much fun.

Best Halloween costume ever! OMG i loled in my office baaaaaaaaaahhahahah

SweeterThanSweets: The 15 Best Family-Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

Fall porch decor

Great idea..paint and vinyl cloth on an ugly faded little tykes picnic table. I have to do this!

Stamp onto a burlap pillow...Christmas presents for the grandparents!

cute for a baby belly

Infant Activities | No Time For Flash Cards - Play and Learning Activities For Babies, Toddlers and Kids