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I've been looking online for this picture everywhere! I just saw this old Cottage Living article of this lady's sweet Austin, TX deck and wanted to recreate. The hanging lights. The fire pit. The herbs.

Post-Spring Cleaning: Ready the Patio for Summer

It's the beauty of not only shape and color but time what makes this so special...

Variegated Succulents would love to have some of these

Moss covered urn - use butter milk to grow moss on urns and other garden elements

The dramatic succulent centerpiece I've been looking for!! I love all these colors!

These tiny trees can deliver big doses of cheer. Heres how to grow citrus indoors.

FESTIVA MAXIMA, 1851 The most famous peony of all, ‘Festiva Maxima’ has been a standard of excellence since Hovey’s of Boston first offered it here in 1852. Its big, sparkling white flowers are improved by a few dribbles of crimson, its stems are strong, and it blooms reliably even in the South.

DIY flower stones for garden path using pavers and stepstones

Avocado Plant ~ Take the avocado pit and push the flat end into a six-inch pot of moist, multi-purpose soil. Leave the pointy end exposed. Keep the plant at about 65° F until the first leaf shoots appear. Aftet that, it likes normal room temperatures. To encourage upward growth, pinch off new buds when they appear below the top leaves on the plant stalk. With proper care, in three years your Avocado will grow to an elegant, large-leaved houseplant about 3 feet tall.

Best vegetables to grow in the shade