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See Nobodys perfect

Do you see that flat bum on the left compared to the surgically enhanced one on the right? Kim Kardashian have butt implants? So many people have put Kim

Extreme close-up of Katy Perry, sans retouching. Young girls need to see this stuff! Perfection is fake!

All these women weigh 154 pounds. We all carry weight differently. Keep it in perspective :-). WOW

Next to the real women- the models look like sickly teenage boys.

You Are Real, Beautiful, and Perfect
  • Rachel Coulanges Ⓥ

    Sweetheart. Re-read what I said. I said the term...refers to... I didn't say I agree or not. Comment on someone else's comment if you're looking for an argument because you're not getting one with me.

  • Brianna Harden

    Get off your high horse Rachel and stop being condescending with your "sweetheart" comment. "Real women" is still a BS term.

  • Rachel Coulanges Ⓥ

    SWEETHEART Bri, again, my comment was not agreeing with it or not (how I feel is none of your business). My comment was explaining what the term meant. Now if you take offense to that, that's your problem.

  • Brianna Harden

    Well bless your heart Rachel. Lets agree to disagree then! Cause either way you'll just keep going and going and ain't nobody got time for that

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