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Idris Elba, GQ

Our short list of actors to play Christian Grey...who gets your vote?

  • Venomously Sweet


  • BeiaCas

    Matt Bomer! =)

  • Tricia Gianino

    William Levy

  • Brenda Lee

    Not sure about Matt Bomer. Isn't Christian Grey supposed to be very tall? Tall and handsome to the point where he's very intimidating? I don't think Matt Bomer's presence is very imposing. Whoever plays CG should be at least 6'3"- 6'4". Boy-size men with pretty faces are very common. Henry Cavill is definitely a good contender. Him and Jennifer Lawrence would make a good pair... I think. :)

  • Toni Sykes

    Matt Bomer is gay I think, so not so believable as Christian Grey. I vote for Henry Cavill, have you seen him in the tudors? Definately can play a dom turned husband.

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