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Sight word bottles - water and glitter in small bottles - with letter beads that spell a sight word. Give list of words and they have to figure out which word is in that bottle.

Barrel of Monkeys - PreMade monkeys, high frequency words, some with no words and bananas on them... kids take turns taking a monkey out and reading the word, when they get a monkey with a banana, they say "bananas" and put all of their monkeys back in the barrel.

Sweet Judy over at Kindertastic created these AWESOME knock-off Sight Word Journals based on Lakeshore's product. AMAZING. And the best part is that they're FREE. Go get 'em!

Sight Word Games: Looking for a fun way to practice sight words? Write a different sight word on each foam square. Then, put them all in a bag. Pair up the students and have them take turns picking a foam square out of the bag. If they can read the sight word that's on the square they get to keep it and add it to their stack. With each word they get their stack grows. If their stack of foam squares topples over they have to put them back in the bag (the stacks usually don't fall over until they get past 10 squares-so make a lot of words for this game!).