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French Phrases and Quotes

392 Pins

French Phrases and Quotes

  • 392 Pins

Today I get detached

You haven't yet arrived,but you are closer than yesterday

I'm under a charm

Rien ne pese tant que un secret. [Nothing weighs more than a secret.] ~ La Fontaine

Rien ne pese tant que un secret. [Nothing weighs more than a...

to want means to be able to

forget your past, whether it's simple or composed, participate in your present in order for your future to be more than perfect

"Life is not worth living without love."

I hear your voice in all the worlds noise ~ Paul Eluard

Your source of motivation is an ingredient which can make all the difference.

It's always the right time

You decide every moment,every day what you are and what you believe.And you have an opportunity to make this choice every second.

Coaching Privé - M comme muses

"S'évader" couleur #Blanc Coton

Fermob : Mobilier de jardin design français métal en couleurs

Don't part with your illusions.without them you might exist but you stop living- carte de vœux 2011 - Muriel Paris - AW Conqueror

Muriel Paris - vœux 2011

Let's hurry to slow down

Always do you best even if no one's looking- Thème Vintage/Subway Art

La classe de Karine: Ouverture du blog!

Vacation is to think that it's Sunday whereas it's Monday

Happiness. I make a big space for you in my life.

Zone de téléchargement - M comme muses

The truth sets us free

ENG Do as I say, not as I do

Eng. i don't know what/a certain something=>il y avait dans sa voix un je-ne- sais-quoi de tristesse=there was something sad in her voice

Typographic French quote

Very nice week end

I love my life in colors! Signé M

Eng.Life is cool-Made In Shina: La vie est chouette Aline

Made In Shina: La vie est chouette

Liberty, I write your name-1953 by Paul Éluard, illustrated by Fernand Léger

free as air