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Take your juicy summer tomatoes and can them for later! Here's how:

We've got the perfect gift idea for the gardener in your life. This could even be a great housewarming present! Put a beautiful gardening gift basket together in minutes! Free printable gift card.

3 fall gardening tips to have the greenest lawn, and most beautiful flowers in the spring.

New paint and hardware go a long way with this bedside nightstand makeover.

Charging Station tutorial - keep all the devices in one place! { }

DIY: How-To Reupholster a bench (+ tips on keeping the original bench in tack without ruining it).

Create this industrial spice rack with directions from Tatertots and Jello.

Transform a country style cast off into a chic show stopper with this furniture makeover.

Here's a new variation on open kitchen shelves! Inspired by Charm created a pegboard kitchen storage solution that you'll love.

Give an old dining room buffet new life by giving it a fresh coat of paint, and shining the hardware.

Create a chalkboard area in your kitchen without taking up a full wall! This blogger just used a portion of her pantry door. Update it with grocery lists, appointments, or dinner menus!

What's your lucky number? Try this simple idea: Decorate a plain pumpkin with house numbers (#214370, #214368). Start with a white pumpkin. Drill pilot holes in the pumpkin to make attaching the numbers easier. Not sure which numerals to display? Use your address number, and place it near your front door to greet guests. Or, add your favorite digits and use it inside.

Want a pumpkin that will make everyone smile? Add goofy eyes with bolts and washers. Finish off the face with decorative upholstery nails for the smile and eye screws for hair.

Keep outdoor gear handy with this colorful and practical string of coat hooks attached to a lattice wall rack.

This porch planter is made from durable materials and built for efficiency. Substitute vinyl siding, synthetic stucco, or other siding materials to create planters that match your home. Cut each part to length and sand with 150-grit sandpaper as you proceed through the steps.

Fall Planting: Once used to decorate salad bars, kale is now everyone’s favorite wonder vegetable. Packed with nutrients, it makes a nice companion to lettuce in salads. Young leaves taste the best, and the flavor improves after frost. You can sow seeds or plant container-grown kale, which matures in about 2 months. Kale is forgiving when it comes to soil as long as it’s well drained and has some nutrients for growth.

Fall Planting: Get the kids to help you grow this swiss chard—they’ll be so enamored with the bright red and gold stems that they’ll be clamoring to eat this nutritious vegetable. The leaves are most commonly eaten, but the stems are sometimes roasted or pickled. Sow seeds in spring for an early summer crop or in late summer for a fall crop. In warm areas of the country, sow in fall for a winter crop. Swiss chard is not picky about soils.

Fall Planting: One look at the cost of bagged salad in the supermarket and you’ll be glad you sowed a crop of leaf lettuce. For best flavor, sow the seeds of several varieties (it also looks more attractive, as you can see in the picture). All take the same growing conditions: rich, loose soil, consistent moisture, and cooler temperatures. Although somewhat frost tolerant, it’s best to cover the crop if temperatures dip below freezing. Or grow your crop in a cold frame.

Fall Planting: gardeners can harvest a crop (or three) of radishes after school starts. Just loosen up some soil enriched with compost, smooth with a garden rake, sprinkle the seeds, and lightly cover with soil. In 30 to 40 days, you’ll be adding these flavorful vegetables to your salads!

Remove pet hair from carpet with a window squeegee #lowesfixinsix

  • Cindy Holiday

    I've done this. Brilliant! Works great against baseboards too.

  • Tina C

    I'm sure it works great, but if you have a mini schnauzer, (pic) you won't need it ;)

Porcelain floor tiles (#397690, #120556) convey the look of wood and limestone in a more practical form. The medley of tile shapes and sizes, all in subtle neutral tones, includes mosaic (#305380) and plank patterns. Mixing patterns and textures adds layers of visual interest.

Organize a wall-mounted library out of curtain hardware, dowels, and your favorite fabric in just a few hours.

  • Carla Haight

    Great, graffic organizing solution to keep things OFF surfaces.

This workshop workhorse, with a coat of your favorite paint, becomes a super-simple way to stash jewelry and accessories.

String lights are synonymous with party lights. Use string lights to illuminate food and drink areas, or to light an open space for dancing. They also look cool wrapped around tree trunks, deck railings or even trellises for an unexpected focal point. Add a bit of vintage flair with Edison bulb string lights or mercury ball string lights draped from a gazebo or pergola.

This head-turning orchid holds its own next to eye-catching prints and graphic objects. A modern black bowl and river stones contrast with the clean white blooms and tall stems for a sleek black-and-white presentation.