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My Oklahoma Garden

Gardening in Oklahoma can be a little challenging. Lots of heat and sometimes not much water. But, spring, early summer and fall are especially lovely in OK. These pictures of flowers from my gardens in central OK show how beautiful it can be.

Tree Stump Removal - Get rid of tree stumps by drilling holes in the stump and filling them with 100% Epsom salt. Follow with water, and wait. Live stumps may take as long as a month to decay, and start to decompose all by themselves.

Weston, our Westie, poses like he is planted in the garden. Cute!

  • Frances Mutz

    He is just too cute. Is this picture current?

  • Lori Philo-Cook

    Yep, took this picture in May 2012. Garden looks different now though because I cut/dug/pulled all those humongous violas up. What a job!

The Red Flowering Plum tree contrasts nicely with the Golden Euonymus shrubs. The Red Flowering Plum tree does not grow fruit and stays a nice small size. It gets pretty pink flowers in the spring and has this lovely purple color foliage all summer. Very nice addition to your garden.

A lovely place to sit and admire the garden.

This is the same corner when this was a sunny spot. What a difference the sun makes. Pink blooming Wigelia, iris and peonies thrived. The pecan tree in the foreground is quite small though.

Lady's Tears (Tradescantia Virginiana). I ordered these in a beautiful lavender color but they bloomed in white. They like to spread, by the way, and they are super easy to pull up and transplant.

A sweet little spot to sit near a Wigelia bush. Small shrubs in the front and some Sedum.

A cozy little nook in the far back corner of the garden with its own little patio. Plants include Crepe Myrtle, clematis, Wigelia shrub, miniature pink roses that aren't so miniature anymore, and hostas.

Close up of my shady path. Sedum, hostas, Freckles Viola Etaine, burning bush...all lush and different shades of green. Peaceful feeling.

This shady path has finally come into its own. This used to be a sunny spot but as the trees grew, the iris and peony stopped blooming. Moved in shade tolerant plants over time...lemon mint, hostas, Nandina, Rose of Sharon and more. The small plants in the path are Freckles Viola Etaine...all volunteers from the original three plants I bought many years ago.

The honeysuckle was amazing last year. And, so fragrant. One of my favorites. The 2011 drought was hard on it though and this year it is significantly smaller.

Cute little gnomes hide in the Bleeding Heart and under the Nandina shrub.

Bright pink clematis growing over a picket fence. Honeysuckle in the background.

Mock orange? Not sure. It looks like it, but no fragrance. Two shrubs were here when we moved in 18 years ago. Still going strong.

Bright red Wigelia shrub in the back corner of our garden. Does well in the shade and adds bright spring color.

Crepe Mytle and hostas fill a corner spot along the path

Honeysuckle (before the drought), hostas and flowering plum tree

Yellow, purple and lavender Iris add color

Hostas and fairies live together

Verbena goes wild in front spot

Close up of Clematis on the front trellis

Pink tulips that all bloomed!

Pink peonies

Clematis and white peony by the back porch

Blue Wild Indigo on the picket fence