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Webelos-- Artist

Collect & Carry: DIY: Geometric Painted Tote Bags. Could double up on Artist AND Craftsman with this project for Webelos

Collect & Carry: DIY: Geometric Painted Tote Bags

ARTIST Activity Pin... raised salt painting: create design with glue, cover glue with table salt. Touch watercolor brush on salt, without smearing and watch color be absorbed by salt. Let dry. This looks fantastic.

Crayon Art... now this is even cooler than the other kind of crayon art!

11 Rainy Day DIY Activities for Kids

Pick a flower or plant and lay on top of a small piece of clay and use a rolling pin to make an imprint in the clay. let it harden. -These would make pretty magnets. Bear Elec 12a

How to Make Your Own Flower Impressions on Clay | eHow

Oh yes...more reasons for the staff to love the music teacher ;D

Make A Homemade Trumpet/Bugle

Silhouette making in 4 steps from a FREE website! Maybe for a "guess who" for open house? Or a parent gift?

Webelos Badge. Artist Mobile. We had the boys trace their own hands to make the Boy Scout Sign. The 12 dangling shapes list the points of the Scout Law. The big popsicle stick has the Scout motto and slogan. On the back of the hand a printout of the Outdoor Code. All required for Webelos badge and to be memorized for Arrow of Light.