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Silly stuff to make you smile

69 Pins

I don't care how this photo happened. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Stalker cat... - The Meta Picture

these are hilarious

How true!


Attack Of The Funny Animals - 30 Pics

sadly true hahah

First world problems

Funny Quotes Short People, Shorts Temperance, I Call Bullshit, So True, Assertive Quotes Funny, Totally Me, Snelson Snelson, True Stories, E Cards


Tubing... - The Meta Picture

Well, that's not my dog


Hahaha xD

My favorite exercise.

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And this is my favorite forever! lol

omg i can not stop laughing

Osama Bin Shoppin


I hope to God that's Batman

And this is my favorite forever! lol

Putin on the Ritz -

Putin on the Ritz

Red neck six pack

Roses are dead, violets are fine, this day sucks balls I really love wine.

Spill Cat Hates Your Drinks

I literally just laughed hard out loud!

bear bread