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Books and Blogs

Recent books, blogposts and more by some of our academic staff and visitors. For more publications, including articles in scholarly journals and our blog Researching Sociology @ LSE, see our webpages:

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Books and Blogs

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Do you like belly laughs, or does giggling 'contaminate the aesthetic experience'? Academic research finds audiences torn betweeen low and high culture. Guardian article by Brian Logan on Sam Friedman's book Comedy and Distinction.

Are you a comedy snob?

Book - Ulrich Beck - Twenty Observations on a World in Turmoil. Ulrich Beck is Visiting Professor in the Department of Sociology at LSE.

Book - Ulrich Beck - Twenty Observations on a World in Turmoil

What does it mean to belong in a place, or more than one place? Dr Suzanne Hall, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and LSE Cities Research Fellow, contributes a chapter on 'Emotion, location and urban regeneration: the resonance of marginalised cosmopolitanisms.'

‘Configuring Light / Staging the Social’ is a multidisciplinary research programme of social science interventions into the configuration of light, led by Dr Don Slater, Mona Sloane (both of London School of Economics) and Dr Joanne Entwistle (Kings College). Sarah Adams, illumni’s European Editor, talks to Don and Mona about the ideas behind it, the aims of the programme, and its deliverables. Image of Medellin by Don Slater.

Forthcoming book, Democratizing Inequalities: Dilemmas of the New Public Participation (NYU Press, Jan 2015), edited by Michael McQuarrie (LSE Sociology) with Caroline W. Lee and Edward T. Walker. Foreword by Craig Calhoun (Director, LSE).

NYU Press - Democratizing Inequalities

LSE Review of Books – The books that inspired Mike Savage: “The highlight of my visits to London was a trip to Collets bookshop on Charing C...

Suzanne Hall has written a blog post for Discover Society, ‘Multilingual Citizenship’, based on her Ordinary Streets research for LSE Cities focusing on ethnically diverse Rye Lane in Peckham, south London (October 2013).

Multilingual Citizenship

Pressed for Time: The acceleration of life in digital capitalism, Judy Wajcman, forthcoming (University of Chicago Press, November 2014). The widespread perception that life is faster than it used to be is now ingrained in our culture, and smartphones and the Internet are continually being blamed. But isn't the sole purpose of the smartphone to give us such quick access to people and information that we'll be free to do other things? Isn't technology supposed to make our lives easier?

Pressed for Time

The Social Life of Money, Nigel Dodd, forthcoming (Princeton University Press, September 2014). Questions about the nature of money have gained a new urgency in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Even as many people have less of it, there are more forms and systems of money, from local currencies and social lending to mobile money and Bitcoin. Yet our understanding of what money is--and what it might be--hasn't kept pace...

Dodd, N.: The Social Life of Money (eBook and Hardcover).

Comedy and Distinction: The Cultural Currency of a ‘Good’ Sense of Humour, Sam Friedman (Routledge, April 2014). Sam Friedman will be joining the Department in the new academic year 2014.

Configuring Light/Staging the Social is an LSE and ESRC-funded research programme of social science interventions into the configuration of light: Being both critical material and infrastructure for social life, light is registered across a range of urgent contemporary concerns, from environmental issues and wellbeing, technology and creative industries, to urban planning and regulation.

Fran Tonkiss on 'Austerity to Audacity: On the emerging urbanism of small acts' in Issue 20 of the German digital magazine on architecture and urbanism uncube.

In this podcast for the LSE Review of Books world-renowned sociologist and Director of LSE Craig Calhoun talks about the classical social theorists who inspired him early in his career.

The British class system is becoming more polarised between a prosperous elite and a poor ‘precariat’: Mike Savage on the largest British class survey ever conducted for the British Politics and Policy at LSE blog, April 2013

Gentrification doesn't trickle down to help everyone, David Madden in The Guardian online, October 2013

Gentrification doesn't trickle down to help everyone

LSE Review of Books podcast with Fran Tonkiss: Architecture and Design: Framing the urban experience

On The Frontline: 'Left Out: The Other Other', Lisa Mckenzie in online journal Discover Society, March 2014

Managing Food Safety and Hygiene: Governance and Regulation as Risk Management, Bridget M. Hutter, Edward Elgar, 2011

Together: The rituals, pleasures, and politics of cooperation, Richard Sennett, Yale University Press and Allen Lane, 2012

New Media, Development and Globalization: Making Connections in the Global South, Don Slater, Polity, November 2013

Good Science: The Ethical Choreography of Stem Cell Research, Charis Thompson, MIT Press, December 2013

City, Street and Citizen:The Measure of the Ordinary,Suzanne Hall, Routledge, 2012

Cloning Wild Life: Zoos, Captivity, and the Future of Endangered Animals, Carrie Friese, NYU Press, September 2013

Living in the Endless City, Ricky Burdett and Dejan Sudjic (eds.), Phaidon, 2011

Cities by Design: The Social Life of Urban Form, Fran Tonkiss, Polity, December 2013