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Energy Saving Devices

These are devices that can help you save on the amount of energy you use in your house.

DIY, Zero-energy Pool Warmers Could Save You Thousands

Mudder® E27 7W PIR Infrared Motion Detection Sensor & Light Sensor LED High Performance Energy Saving White Warm White Light Bulb

POLAR LEDs Bulb with Motion Sensor, Light Sensor and LED Light 6w

Philips 429746 Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent Dusk-to-Dawn 14-Watt Twister Light Bulb

MIT's Local Warming project uses motion tracking devices to warm up people, instead of empty rooms.

WeMo Maker

Drift Light- Self dimming LED light bulb

AwoX StriimLIGHT ™ is an energy-saving LED light-bulb with an integrated Bluetooth® speaker.

Comfort & Energy Savings with ZONEFIRST Zone Controls

Keen Home Smart Vent

CrowdComfort - The World's First Crowd-Sourced Thermostat Lets You Adjust The Temperature At Work