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I am, I'm leaving this all behind.

This was a fun activity to do in music class the first week of school involving the whole school! The kids spent just the last 10 minutes of class coloring their note/musical symbol. I also had a bit of a grade level assignment for them to include. The fifth graders wrote their favorite song title, the third graders wrote the value of the assigned note etc.

When I was little, I used to draw dream houses shaped like barns. This is perfect.

If you have to ask...

Joyce Jata - Younique - Uplift. Empower. Motivate.

This is actually a much cleaner/simpler way to do these, I would've never thought to run it through a jar... saves SO MUCH MESS!

Disney Classic Winnie The Pooh Mug - some friends are smaller than others

I pity the foo who doesn't love this Mr. Tea mug!!!!

Trampoline Tent. Seriously!?? Why didn't they have this cool stuff when I was growing up!!