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Heart crayons with cute valentine card printables. I used this!!

3 non candy valentine ideas 1. a toy camera 2. temporary tattoos 3. a toy car

change it up for Valentines Day!

Shooting for brownie points. Homemade brownies would be great but if no time send the box.

Juice Box Robot: The arms... break a pretzel rod in half, wrap in saran-wrap with enough space between the halves to hang over the sides of the juice box. Tape the center of the saran-wrap to the box. Hot-glue the applesauce head and mini boxes of raisins as feet. Tape the spoon antenna on the back of the applesauce cup. Use whatever eyes you like. Wish I could come up with cute tag for valentines.

I "Chews" you gumball machine for teachers....very cute when paired with gumball valentine for the whole class!

Would you a "fish"ally be my Valentine? Valentine, you blow me away. Have a super Valentines

Great Valentine idea! Just add a heart tag that says, "I CEREALsly like you!"

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pretzel Pops....a mini-marshmallow dipped in chocolate. You could finish with sprinkles (any Holiday colors or multi-colored for bdays)! Too easy and sooo cute!