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Libraries of Distinction

549 Pins

Libraries of Distinction

  • 549 Pins

Julie Bingham. Indianapolis, IN. Our library simply aims to add whimsy and community to our fabulous neighborhood. Within weeks, new acquaintances have been made and many books have been shared between a diverse group of new connections.

Jamie Ballinger. Bangor, ME. Downtown Bangor is a busy place, with lots of shoppers, tourists, business people, families, and older folks passing through. We wanted to create a place for people to stop and chat, pick up a book, and strengthen our sense of community.

Sheila Bower. Dallas, TX. At the end of a stone path nestled beneath a giant Live Oak tree we created a space for imagination and dreams. This Little Free Library is a repurposed antique curio cabinet painted with bright colors and adorned with whimsical ceramic tiles. Mounted on a large tree stump with a wind chime overhead it whispers a warm and happy memory of our beloved Airedale, Bebop Bower.

Rilder Medeiros. Tirol Natal, RN, Brazil. Our library is part of a special project to engage people around the books inside the Brazil called Casa das Palavras (House of Words). Our dream is to install a small library in each of the 167 cities in our state .

Matt Kouba. Thousand Oaks, CA. This Library was built in 2012 and WAS a traveling went to Burning Man twice! The Library found its forever home in October 2014 at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts. It sits in the patio and provides for people waiting for classes to start, or the theater to open or during a break from play practice. Please sign this log book, write a verse, a note to others, a dedication or draw a doodle. Be Good!

Genevieve Glassy. Centralia, WA. We are Gorham Printing, a short-run book printer south of Seattle, and now the location of the first Little Free Library in Centralia, Washington. We built our miniature Library to emulate the Gorham print shop, right down to the green metal roof. It is filled it with books for all ages to help promote literacy in our area. Great readers make great writers! Come see us in the Port of Centralia.

Pamela Brewer. Fort Collins, CO. Our home that has a path next to it. Unfortunately our beagle Molly seems to resist the idea that she shouldn't bark EVERY time someone with a dog walks by. We created our Little Library in honor of our beagle Molly. We painted it with paws on the front, keep it stocked with dog biscuits for neighborhood canines and have a fresh bowl of water at the base. It's our way of saying "sorry for the annoying beagle barking at you" but here's a bit of neighborly thanks.

Olivia Gobel. Gorham, ME. Steward Olivia Gobel, age 9, loves to share books in hopes that others will love them as much as she does. Her Little Free Library, nestled in the corner of her neighborhood bus shelter, has something for all ages. Her 2 year old sister has filled a basket on the floor full of board books for the youngest readers. Olivia hopes her Little Free Library will spread her love of books to her entire community.

Abby Maynard. Fairport, NY. This Little Free Library is a Girl Scout Silver Award project. This was created to help inspire readers to read in our community. On it is reading quotes for inspiration. Meant for all readers of any age.

Pepe Valle. Seattle, WA. Books teach us to hold and share opinions, beliefs, interests, and ideas apart from our own, and help shed light on surfaces we wouldn’t naturally explore. This is the conceptual basis for The Reading Lamp: the relationship of literature to how we see the world. Composed of wood, semi-opaque sails, and a concealed light source, the connection of ideas and vision drove our process to create a lighthouse for books to share with our Pioneer Square community.

Bart Leavens. Clinton, IA. The Little Free Library movement is exciting and we want to be a part of it. We've batted around the idea of hosting one for about a year. Finally, we pulled the trigger, had one built, and planted the sucker. We've been having fun with it ever since. Please enjoy our Little Free Library responsibly.

Graham Payette. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We live in a wonderful neighborhood that unfortunately isn't serviced by public transit and is several km from the nearest route. Saw another book exchange and thought it was a wonderful idea. Our local exchange has been a runaway success with participants from 2 to 90 years old enjoying easy, local access to books.

Judith Tyler. Cherry Hill, NJ. When my son Nick was 7 years old, he taped a sign on our house that said," Nick's library opintn's today." (sic) No one borrowed his books 22 years ago and now we have our Little Free Library in honor of that day. I read an article about the Little Free Library organization and decided to put one in my yard to honor his wishes.

Christie Wicks. Johnston, IA. My daughter decided to build a Little Free Library for her Girl Scout Silver Award Project. Books and reading have had a very positive impact in her life, so she decided to share her love of reading with our community. Our entire neighborhood was involved in the project and everyone is very excited about the new Little Free Library!

Jen Reardon. Batavia, NY. I have loved books and reading my whole life. I found out about LittleFreeLibrary... and decided to have my friend's dad, a custom woodworker, build a library box for me. He did a beautiful job and I added the colorful paint combination. It's been a hit in the neighborhood since I opened it and I've had so many positive comments from neighbors and strangers alike! It's a great way for a community to come together.

Sarah Schneider. Pittsburgh, PA. This Library was created by PULSE. It is located in the Kincaid Street Gardens, which is a collaboration between two neighborhood organizations, PULSE and GCAT. The gardens give local residents a place to grow their own food and for children to learn about gardening. We hope our Little Free Library will provide yet another opportunity for Garfield residents to gather together and foster a love of reading in the children of our neighborhood.

Ellen Miller. Rutland, VT. In loving memory of our daughter, Carly, who was tragically killed by an impaired driver in 2012. She loved helping others, especially children. She always wanted to make things brighter and happier. We decided to help our community in her honor with a Little Free Library specializing in quality children's books. We have painted it in her favorite colors, purple and turquoise, and put a golf ball on the roof, as she loved the game of golf.

Lori Horowitz. Pittsburgh, PA. My mother was an elementary school librarian for 35 years. She passed away unexpectedly 5 years ago. I became involved in the community garden and I realized how many children there are in the area that could benefit from a Little Free Library. This Library is dedicated to my mother, and houses children's books and adult books. I started an Indiegogo campaign that raised about $1700 to build it. I am excited to have it up and running! My mother would be very proud.

Shelley Hamilton. Moosonee, Ontario, Canada. The town of Moosonee does not have a Library or a bookstore. The need to get books into the hands of kids is great. The Library is made from scraps and reclaimed wood. Something for nothing for sure! The hope is to have many in the town for kids and adults to access books and to have the public school, high school and students maintain the library. This is hopefully just a start.

Bill Criss. Ventura, CA. My wife Norma and I wanted to make our Library unique. I decided to build a replica of the oldest building in town, the San Buenaventura Mission. We live near one of the high schools in our town and several kids stop by each week and check out the books. It has been so well received it amazes my wife and me. We have made some wonderful new acquaintances, since our library has been displayed in our front yard. WE love our new Little Free Library!

Ann Meats. Pittsburg, KS. As beekeepers, we wanted to create a theme for our Library of bees and beekeeping. The inside of the library has a honeycomb stencil, the Library is made from real bee hive boxes, and the"roof" is a modified garden hive style.

Jack Gavron. Sacramento, CA. In the spring of 2014 I built my Little Free Library as my high school senior project. It is dedicated to the memory of my grandfathers - John Joseph Gavron and Frank Wilber Fox. It was a great project and gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. Since "opening" it my friends and neighbors have enjoyed finding new books to read and have shared their favorites. What a great way for the community to get together!

Kathy Ireland. Grand Junction, CO. This Little Free Library is located near mountain bike trails it is a literary oasis in the desert

Robyn Lauster. Anchorage, AK. In the winter of 1924-25, an outbreak of diphtheria killed two children and threatened many more. The only hope of containing the outbreak was to deliver antitoxin to Nome via the Iditarod Trail. A relay of 20 mushers and 150 dogs carried the medicine along the 674-mile trail, in a record 5 days and 7 hours. This Little Free Library, in Balto-Seppala Park, is dedicated to the brave dogs and men who risked their own lives to save children from a dreaded disease.

  • Hanna Eklund

    I love this little library! The idea is awesome and the actual library is beautiful.

Sheila Beauchemin. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. With the installation of our library, I have finally done what I have talked about for years - create a way to share my passion for books with my neighbours.