Dawn MacNutt. New Glasgow, Canada. Dawn MacNutt recently built and installed a Little Free Library with her husband Merle Pratt as part of a worldwide organization that encourages literacy by supplying easy access to free books. The grand ‘little’ opening wason May 17th 2014 . MacNutt and her husband, Merle Pratt, gave the Library to the Little Harbour Community, and placed it at the Presbyterian Church Yard where there is easy access by the community.

Noel and Kristin Mayeske. College Park, GA. Built by Kimy Kennedy and Russell Riediger. We now have SIX of these in your neighborhood (Historic College Park). We wanted to surprise the Mayeske's with a Dr. Suess type LFL --- Russell builds these and I register them. It's spreading magic ONE book at a time. You never know when someone will read a book and it will change their path, way of thinking or just add joy to their lives. WE LOVE OUR LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES! xxoooo

Sabrina Visser. Eugene, OR. We have always loved to read! When our son was born, we became avid collectors of children's books. By building our Little Free Library, we feel that we are sharing our love for books as well as promoting literacy and building community within our neighborhood. Our library has two sections, the top contains books for adults and the bottom contains children's books.

John Logie. Minneapolis, MN. The core of the library was an old clock. A neighbor gave me the shelves. I painted the library and added the stilt legs, cursing throughout the process. The empty space where the clock face had been needed something, so I added: 1) A dimetrodon; 2) Reddy Killowatt; 3) a mugato; and 4) Godzilla. After that, the feng shui seemed off, so I dug around and found 5) Man-Bat, Batman's nemesis. That seemed to balance things out perfectly, as any fool can see.

Jared Tadique. Seattle, WA. The library was made out of 90% recycled or salvaged material. I had a surplus of books, (boxes and boxes) after a storage room auction. I thought this was a great idea to do something useful with them, and give something back to the neighborhood.

Kari Fairclough. Rochester, MN. My child care families from Kari's House ( gave me a Little Free Library for my home AND also my lake home as Christmas gifts in 2013. Home Depot donated the supplies, the families registered the libraries and worked on the decor. Check out the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Sun made from the children's handprints! Literacy and a love of reading is a huge part of my child care program and my personal life.

Suzi Hoge. South Pasadena, CA. My daughter and her friend built the Little Library as a surprise for me for Christmas, 2014. It looks like our house, same colors! It has wallpaper, a linoleum floor, and soft solar lighting so you can see the books at night. The neighborhood has welcomed it and folks began leaving books immediately. .... and we were blogged about at hometown-pasadena...

Laurie Fraher. Somers, CT. Our family loves to read and we always have books everywhere. We learned about the Little Free Library in a home school magazine and thought it would be fun. My children saved money to purchase our charter for my Mother's Day gift and we all worked together to restore an old bunny cage. The Bunny Hutch Little Free Library was created by our whole family for the love of books and learning.

  • Lesli Ventimiglia

    Charter? One must pay to have a free library?

  • Rick Brooks

    One need not pay to have a free library. Starting with Carnegie Free Libraries, the idea was that books need not cost you anything. It's anyone's choice to register, get a charter number, get on the map and be eligible for services that we put together for stewards. After giving awaythousands of custom signs the founders realized that the out of pocket costs and labor were more than they could sustain without some help from the people served.

  • Cindy Popovic

    such a great idea, and wonderful to be able to leave and take a book!

Susan Johnson. Shreveport, LA.

Cherie Wirth. Neenah, WI. I LOVE books and have a really hard time parting with them. My kids also have the same problem. We thought a little library would be a great way to share our love of reading. My father-in-law built the library and my mother-in-law decorated it. It was the perfect gift. Our library has kids and adult books. Stop by and check it out.

Lisa Boone. Austin, TX. I work in an Elementary library and this was a Christmas gift from my husband and 2 boys! They built it themselves! I love it!

Greene Middle School. Greene, NY. Mrs. Griffin's Middle School read the book, The Matchlock Gun, then designed and painted a Little Free Library for the Village of Greene. This project was funded through the Grants for Teachers Program, made possible by Friends of the Chenango Arts Council, Community Bank and Walmart. This library represents Common Core State Standards, Arts in Education and community enrichment.

Kristi Jump. Columbus, OH. The fourth and fifth graders of Edison Intermediate were inspired to build a little free library after reading an article about them. This LFL was built by the Whitley family and the design and location were voted on by the fourth and fifth graders. With help from art students at the high school, this Grandview Bobcat themed LFL is a fantastic addition to the Grandview community.

Pamela Strausbaugh. Waves, NC. live on a remote island off the coast of North Carolina. We have no library here. I was reading Our State magazine over Christmas and saw a story about The Little Free Library. I had never heard of it before. 2013 was a very sad and lonely Christmas for me but just the idea of building one of these little libraries gave me a little joy among the dark days. So on Good Friday 2014, my little library opened its door!

Susan McMullan. Lino Lakes, MN. My daughter's God mother, Jule Taylor, lived far away from our family and only got to see her God Daughter once as she grew up. During that one, short occassion, her God Mother had my daughter sit on her lap as they read a story together. That one special moment is forever imprinted in my heart now that her God Mother passed away at a young age from cancer. This Little Free Library is dedicated to Jule Taylor, God Mother extraordinnaire.

Troy and Erin Lamberte. Littleton, CO. I had learned about Little Free Libraries and loved the idea. Troy designed, built, and painted a weather-proof LFL, complete with double plexiglass doors and solar-powered lighting. We have received so many compliments, and the community has already come together to bring in a variety of new, fascinating books for all to read and share.

Wrens Nest. Dalton, GA. Wrens Nest Center for Wellbeing is a new facility offering services, classes and space where individuals and groups can explore wellness, balance and change through experiences that stretch the body, mind and soul. The Little Free Library will be another resource for the community of Wrens Nest to accomplish this mission. The Library was built to be a miniature replica of the Wrens Nest Building.

Emily Young. Durham, NC. I have worked as a book publisher for 30 years and my husband is an artist who works with found materials. When I saw one of these in another neighborhood in my city I knew we had to become part of this movement. I love this micro form of book circulation. Our library has books for all ages--young readers, fiction, scholarly books.

Sheila McCoy. Midland, MI. My Little Free Library was a Christmas gift from husband who knows how I live and breathe books. My Mom says I have been that way since I was able to hold a book even leaving friends to fend for themselves as I climbed a tree with my book. My books have been donations from supportive friends and my Aunt Ollie donated all her books because she loved the idea of the Library so much.

chART Public Art Marpole. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This LFL was designed by chART with Marpole Place Neighborhood House and Marpole Family Place and was created for their location at Hudson and 70th. This uniquie sculpture/library is registered officially as part of the international movement at littlefreelibrary.... The seed books, which are all on the theme of food, cooking, and gardening, were donated by Characters Book Store, a Marpole business that closed in 2012.

Londa Holliday. Santa Cruz, CA. A friend posted a link to the LFL FB page and I was instantly smitten. I looked and waited for just the right idea to come my way. One day I ran across a fabulous old wood and glass terrarium... and the idea became a reality!

Samantha Belcourt. Kansas City, MO. Since she was young my daughter has devoured books. This Little Free Library was her Christmas gift request of her Grandpa last year. He loves to build things and she loves to read so it was absolutely the most perfect gift! We've stocked it with something for everyone, from toddlers to adults, and are excited to see what turns up in exchange!

Ashley Eckman. Glencoe, IL. We recently moved to Glencoe, IL from out-of-state. As a way to celebrate Spring and get to know our new neighborhood we hosted a LFL Grand Opening. We celebrated by making bookmarks, eating cupcakes that were decorated with apples & bookworms and exchanged books.

Juliann Castell. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This little free library is located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in the Alta Vista Neighbourhood. Jack Castell (helped by his mom Juliann) is the Steward of the LFL. Please see our blog at : ottawalittlefreel... or feel free to contact us

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