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Libraries of Distinction

Ann Meats. Pittsburg, KS. As beekeepers, we wanted to create a theme for our Library of bees and beekeeping. The inside of the library has a honeycomb stencil, the Library is made from real bee hive boxes, and the"roof" is a modified garden hive style.

Jack Gavron. Sacramento, CA. In the spring of 2014 I built my Little Free Library as my high school senior project. It is dedicated to the memory of my grandfathers - John Joseph Gavron and Frank Wilber Fox. It was a great project and gives me a sense of personal satisfaction. Since "opening" it my friends and neighbors have enjoyed finding new books to read and have shared their favorites. What a great way for the community to get together!

Kathy Ireland. Grand Junction, CO. This Little Free Library is located near mountain bike trails it is a literary oasis in the desert

Robyn Lauster. Anchorage, AK. In the winter of 1924-25, an outbreak of diphtheria killed two children and threatened many more. The only hope of containing the outbreak was to deliver antitoxin to Nome via the Iditarod Trail. A relay of 20 mushers and 150 dogs carried the medicine along the 674-mile trail, in a record 5 days and 7 hours. This Little Free Library, in Balto-Seppala Park, is dedicated to the brave dogs and men who risked their own lives to save children from a dreaded disease.

Sheila Beauchemin. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. With the installation of our library, I have finally done what I have talked about for years - create a way to share my passion for books with my neighbours.

Porter Kobernik. Winchester, VA. The Potato Hill Little Free Library is right in the heart of historic downtown Winchester, VA. It provides books to a wide variety of people. Started by Porter and Kurt Kobernik and their two little girls, they are happy not only spreading the joy of reading but also putting a little spark magic into others' lives. Stumbling upon a Little Free Library is such a fun surprise, sure to brighten anyone's day!

Judith Myers. Wasco, CA. Our Little Free Library is a project of Wasco Junior Woman's Club. It was built by a neighbor who is a contractor. One of our members did the beautiful painting job. It has been open for less than a month and we have received a lot of positive feedback including people thanking us, donating books, and one person that is interested in putting another one in Wasco. I love seeing the kids come and get books!

Nia, Teo, Regan, Ben Shelton-Brooks. Girdwood, AK. Our Little Free Library is located in the wonderful, fun, and creative town of Girdwood, Alaska. Come visit us and read, read, read!

Dale Rupright. O'Fallon, IL. Our Little Free Library is part of a city-wide effort to increase literacy by The Rotary Club of O'Fallon, Illinois, of which our steward is a member. It was decorated by the O'Fallon Township High School Art Club. Our library will offer books that appeal to a broad range of readers.

Star Edwards. Denver, CO. My Little Free Library is devoted to DREAMS. Books that teach people the importance of dreaming. I have included free dream journals, free book marks that list the importance of dreams and free wallet cards that tell people how to remember their dreams. Here is the link to all the photos:

  • Megan

    Hi... I live in Denver. Where is your library?

Linda Glaser. Los Angeles, CA. Our Alice in Wonderland Library is hand painted and very magical. The variety of books in our Library are exciting and compelling for all ages. Our neighborhood is filled with an abundance of children. I know they will benefit from the assortment of wonderful books in our Library.

Gerberta Black. Provo, UT. Our good friend Jason died two years ago. He was an incredible teacher with a contagious love for books and learning. This Library seemed like the perfect way to honor his memory.

Jeanie Johnson Hill. Lafayette, CA. The Lafayette Community Garden built this LFL and had its grand opening during garden work hours on Saturday, September 13, 2014. It was built by garden member, Charlie Hopper, and stocked with books by the 50 member families.

Camille Wilson. Olympia, WA. We've upcycled a defunct Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper vending machine for our Little Free Library. The move of the P-I to a strictly online, digital distribution has ironically provided us with a cheery library to preserve and pass along real printed, traditional paper books. Our library is primarily focused on sharing quality children's literature with our neighborhood and library patrons.

Kathi Graham. Asheville, NC. We built it with repurposed materials, including old bathroom cabinet doors, and left over paints and craft supplies. We live on a street with lots of walkers of all ages and have had a wide range of customers.

Linda Lubeck. Lincoln, NE. I didn't know what I would do with this dollhouse until I saw a newspaper article about an LFL in town that was being ticketed by the city for being in the wrong location. The light bulb went off! The dollhouse would be a great LFL and our neighbors helped us with donations, supplies, and we made it happen. The "Reveal Party" was attended by over 50 people including Ted Kooser, Pulitzer Prize winning Poet and former U. S. Poet Laureate (2 years)!

Penny Lind. Bismarck, ND. We love our dog Pieper Dakota Princess Fancy pants, we love flying pigs and books! What more can a person need or want???

Roy Wasercier. Madrid, Spain. Our team wanted to work on an initiative in our company (JLL) to foster collaboration between employees. We came across this initiative and thought it would be a great idea not only to be part of this amazing community but also that a great way of having our employees engage and foster conversation is to have them exchange books between them.

Gayle Schreck. Urbandale, IA. My neighbor Lee built our library based on a bird house in the back yard. I painted it and my daughter's friend, Kylie, added the butterflies and flowers. Our neighborhood is on a bike path with a park close by so we see lots of activity and are excited to share books with the many children and walkers going by. Come see our Little Library!

Cynthia Tow. Indianapolis, IN. Our Little Free Library is located at the front of our community garden. The space was formerly an abandoned lot where a house had burned down. We now have a beautiful space where neighbors can harvest fruits and vegetables and BOOKS!

Judi and Ken Weinreich. Burxlington, IA. We love our library, it is special to us in that it is a chalet with a hammered copper roof. My husband Ken built it and I painted it. our granddaughter Merideth, age 3 1/2 climbed up the stepstool and helped load the first books into the library! It was a hit in the neighborhood sooner than I expected...the same day we put it up! The support of our Little Free Library has been very rewarding.

Teri Fenner. San Diego, CA. This was a gift to my wife on our wedding anniversary. My wife loves to read. Having said that we do not keep books for long. They go to the friends, family, or the library as soon as they are done. We fell in love with the first LFL we saw here in town. It matched our philosophy to a tee. Take one, Give one. For always.

Jeff Howards. Leavenworth, KS. Saw a LFL at a Children's Science Museum a year ago and got hooked on the idea. Now that I am preparing to retire we decided to make it happen! Our neighborhood is filled with children playing and adult walkers so we have high hopes for its success

Pete Shay. Madison, WI. This Library was painted by my Mother-in-Law, Janet Nelson (, and has cool stuff on all sides, as well as the inside. The roof is copper and the door handle resembles a big, fat, ladybug. This library is placed between two pear trees, and if there are any, you are welcome to pick one for a treat. Maybe we'll put in a bench for you to sit and enjoy your book and a pear.....

Tiffany Schank. Gering, NE.