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Matthew Sylva. Coon Rapids, MN. As a former 2nd grade teacher, I know the importance of reading. Making books available to all children is near and dear to my heart. Quinn Street Books is stocked with mostly children and young adult books though you may find a book "for grown readers" in there once in awhile.

Laura Baldwin. Fort Ann, NY. My dad built this outhouse, and when he passed away in 2007, we moved it on our property, where it's been used it ever since to sell eggs... self-serve! I had an empty cabinet in the outhouse too, and decided to use that as a Little Library! Our road leads to hiking trails, horse trails and access to east side of Lake George, and in summertime it is well-traveled with hikers and campers, many who purchase my eggs. Now they'll have another reason to stop by!

Brendan Moore. Galt, CA. This library honors the work of students in the Resource Management class at Estrellita Continuation High School and the rich tradition of the family oriented Loteria card game -sometimes called Mexican Bingo, with its ceramic tile depiction of 4 of the cards in the game: La Estrella (for the school), El Camaron (don't nap or the current will sleep you away!);El Barril (for the 3 colors of the Mexican flag) and El Nopal (for the eclectic school garden).

Dan Dornan. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One of our grade three/four classrooms had an inquiry question for this school year , "What story do buildings tell?" so it seemed fitting for them to be involved in designing and painting the outside part of the library. The painting represents the story of our Learning Meadows, which is a naturalized garden that show cases native plants of Alberta. Our Little Free Library is located in our Learning Meadows, a beautiful spot to relax, sit and read a book.

Helga van Leipsig. Beesel, Limburg, Netherlands. The Little Free Dragon Library is build to honour our local Dragonplay. Once every seven years the historical saga of St. George and the Dragon is performed in a an impressive setting, with a horrifying flamethrowing monster in a sinister lead role. It is this roaring prehistoric reptile that inspired the Little Dragon Library, fiery and prickly, with teeth, eyes and scales, she promotes the Art of Reading.

Fairlee Winfield. Longmont, CO. Our Atwood Street Little Free Library celebrates a neighborhood with a real full sized railroad train running down the middle. We are supported by the Historic Eastside Neighborhood and the Boulder Valley Railway Historical Society. We have books for all ages.

Chris Orr. Council Bluffs, IA. This library is dedicated to Gladys Schleifer. The painted panels and trim tell the stories and sides of her life as others saw her. The floral side reflects her garden. The baked good side reflects her love and talent in the kitchen. The roof retraces loving bonds with her feline friends. Gladys loved to sew. The rear panel pays tribute to some of her best attributes - sewing together a wonderful pattern for life woven with ordinary love.

Cindy Koesster. Lawrence, KS. My sister and brother-in-law (Leslie and Jeff McManus) created this wonderful library for my birthday and installed it Easter weekend 2013. It has been a great success in our neighborhood and patrons of all ages have left us wonderful notes.

Kim Waltman. Little Falls, MN. This sweet little cedar-sided Library was crafted for me by my talented brother, Jeff. The horseshoe at the top was found while we were out agate hunting together. The Scrabble tiles were my creative contribution to the project and I hope that they are found inviting. I'm so excited to further share my love of reading with my community! It is my goal to keep the library stocked with books for all ages and interests.

  • Laura Christensen

    Kim, love your little library, but you might want to turn your horse shoe with the ends up not down. Here in Kentucky we believe it's good luck when hung the other way. Your luck can drain out otherwise!

Phyllis Glover. Morgan City, LA. any students don't have library cards for many reasons, the LFL allows children and adults to have access to books without a card. I have been blessed over the past two years with wonderful media coverage, friends of my LFL with monetary donations, and my students and former students donating books they have out grown or just want to be a friend of the LFL.

Cheryl Naccarato. Woodland Park, CO. Cheryl made a cardboard model of what she had in mind-complete with signs! Everyone teased her for weeks because it held a place of honor in our living room. A good friend of ours (Adrian Vinke) was a tremendous help in getting the majority of our Library built. Darwin designed and built the post. Cheryl did all the painting. We have a broad assortment of books---both for kids and adults---all donated by friends, family and neighbors.

Marilyn Matheny. Minneapolis, MN. The Library is dedicated to my son, Michael, who died in 2012, at age 45. The art and images on the library are all related to books and to Holland, where he was born. There is a photo he took of a street bookseller in Amsterdam on the library. It pleases me to see it every day. My husband and I are avid book collectors. We hope that the LFL will help us reduce the size of our collections. It has been well received in my neighborhood.

  • Claire Blanchet Landrum

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your son. We visited Amsterdam in April and enjoyed it. I also have a LFL in my yard.

  • Marilyn Matheny

    I thank you for kind words, Claire. The LFL has been a joy to have and maintain.

Elaine Savage. Palos Heights, IL. The Friends of the Library will be keeping the library stocked with nature related books for all ages. The Little Free Library was built under the direction of long time Palos Heights resident, Durward Fagan (102 years old) and his family. The Library is pleased to give back to the community an everlasting way to promote literacy and hopes that the Little Free Library not only becomes an opportunity to encourage readers, but also a place to build friendships.

Angela Wiseman. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A friend of mine in Calgary built a little free library and I decided to start one in our area - even though we are in a rural location. We are pretty close to Chestermere, Alberta and I am hoping I can generate enough interest in that community to keep our LFL vital. his little library is special because my father built it for me. My mother taught me the love of a good story and this wee lighthouse on the prairie is dedicated to her memory.

Ron Carpenter. The Dalles, OR. My wife and I saw a LFL in Cathlemet Washington while we were on a walk. We thought it would be a great idea to put one up at our home. Since I love to fabricate I made this one out of scrap heavy gage metal. I welded over 20 prices together than clear coated it to show off the natural beauty of the metal. We have many visitors! This is the first one in The Dalles. The city asked if I would make one for downtown Main Street. You'll see my work there soon.

Mary Morgan. Ellensburg, WA. My friend, Charli, gave me a Little Free Library stewardship as a holiday gift. When she asked how I wanted my LFL to look, I asked if she could incorporate a bird feeder into the library design. As you can see, she did! The library faces the street and the bird feeder faces the house. Our first batch of books included several Audobon and other bird books! Since Charli installed the library, I have been meeting new neighbors and sharing my love of books.

Laurie Miller. St. Louis, MO. I am a beekeeper so I thought it only natural that I pay homage to the bees! I designed the library, Bob Carmody built it and Greta Van Campen pained the bees! A group effort to bring it to reality. Books are a variety of adult and children's books.

Ray Blum. Lafayette, LA. I am delighted with the response of the residents in our apartment community. The library is used practically every day. It now has books in Russian, Arabic and Spanish! I have had books written by the residents. I am looking for a sponsors fund a project. I will ask everyone in the community to consider submitting a couple of poems that they wrote and will have the collection professionally bound.

  • Roxane Pickens

    I'm from Lafayette! This is a level of literacy and love that I never saw there--glad things are a'changing! @:)

Kellie DuBay Gillis. Fairview Park, OH. Our Little Free Library was a family project, built in October 2013. We wanted it to be a place where folks could not only share books, but also leave messages. There are six big circles painted with chalkboard paint on the sides of the library and a bucket with chalk. We love it when visitors leave us messages about what they're reading or just to say Hi! This spring we had to add a shelf so we could hold more books!

Gabrielle Vega. Lakewood, CA. My brother AJ Vega illustrated all the pictures and my Uncle Ruben helped me build it. I had a grand opening ceremony and I invited my neighbors and some of my previous teachers to it. A lot of my friends and family showed up for the grand opening and a few teachers donated books. In the end I received 390 books! I am so grateful that so many people were interested in helping me with my library.

Grace Seidel. Seattle, WA. My partner Ken, who can build anything, quickly crafted two matching boxes and gave us each one. They now reside across the street from one another! I decided on what I would like to draw long before I painted it because drawing isn't my forte. Still, I'm pleased with the summertime scene on one side and the "dark and stormy" night on the other. I hope my neighbors enjoy the books and the box.

Christine Browning. Tolland, CT. Our "Reading Thyme" whimsical library has a living roof-various thyme plants-and window boxes. It houses a seed packet and healthy recipe exchange, along with books for people of all ages. Visitors are also encouraged to write in our garden journal about their visit to the garden-what books were brought or exchanged, wildlife observed, new neighbors met, interesting recipes discovered, seeds shared, and monarch butterflies watched.

Edwin Crabtree. Denver, CO. The Little Free Library was built to honor my wife Sally, Sally passed away on March 2014. The Library will be filled with books on subjects Sally enjoyed, such as hiking in Colorado, wildflowers, gardening, western history, and children's books. On June 14, Jersey Street had their annual block party for neighbors and friends At that time, we unveiled Sally's Little Free Library. The Little Library is already bringing neighbors together.

Marina Strauss. Arlington, MA. Walking back from school one afternoon my kids saw a little free library and were amazed and we decided to ask grandfather living abroad to build one. We brought it back from Germany and assembled it and Nina who is 9 is taking care of it. We did an official opening with a speech she gave inviting everyone to enjoy our library!She has been taking good care of it as well as adding a note book for people to write their recommendations of good reads!

Jody Becker. Wrightsville Beach, NC. The Sand Crab Cottage is a seaside sanctuary for all who enter and stay there. Reading on the porch, at the beach, in any of the cozy nooks inside the cottage, is a favorite past time. Having accumulated more books than we have room for, and having friends in the same position, we wanted to share the good reads with the community. Having seen a Little Free Library in Iowa, we knew we had to have one here at the beach.