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Science/Social Studies

Food Chain Writing Activity (English & Spanish)

Food Chain Writing Activity (English & Spanish)

4 different food chains in the rainforest for our Rainforest Unit.

This works too, where they actually draw the pictures on a light colored paper. I'd have them draft it out first. I think we'll be doing this one. It would be great as a final activity, after studying various food webs in a variety of ecosystems. And simpler than trying to find cards to print out. Opens up student choice, also research opportunity.

This is an interactive 27 slide Powerpoint presentation which features crisp, clear pics and displays the correct answer for each slide. The presentation has a fun background geared for elementary students. Great way to review or to introduce examples of producers, consumers, decomposers, and ecosystems.

Ecosystem Producer Consumer or Decomposer? Powerpoint

Desert Ecosystem.. 4th grade science project

changes to an Ecosystem, natural vs. man-made... homeostasis, balance, interdependence

Informative Writing & Research - With this project students will research and write about different ecosystems or biomes. Then they'll create an ecosystem report booklet to share!

Informative Writing ~ Ecosystems Research Project {Common Core}

KB-With this informative writing research project, students will research and write about different ecosystems or biomes. Then they'll create an ecosystem report booklet to share! Great for integration of reading and writing into science.

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KB-Ecosystem Diorama Project. A great way for students to have fun picking an ecosystem and also having a hands on/visual representation of an ecosystem

Landform Flipbook

Ginger Snaps: Landform Flipbook

Use this page as part of an introduction to ecosystems.... we are putting these in the first page of our science journals for this section.

Ecosystems Introduction

The Six Land Ecosystems Sort Packet A sort activity using the six land ecosystems on our planet (temperate forests, rain forests, deserts, taiga, tundra, and grasslands). Students must cut out the boxes and then place them in the right categories. This is a good way to build background knowledge or check for understanding of this topic.

The Six Land Ecosystems Sort Packet

This teacher used such an awesome inquiry based way to find and report research for 3rd grade!


Flocabulary - Source Evaluation

Thanksgiving FREEBIE- Common and Proper noun sorts and more!

Science for Kids: Gummy Bear Science Great for inroduction of variables {Would e great for getting students used to recording observations, etc)

HoJos Teaching Adventures: 5th Grade Static Electricity Lesson (Tuesday, april 17, 2012)