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Sydney Installs Machines That Offer Bus tickets In Exchange For Recycling

Did a 19-Year-Old Really Just Solve One of Earth’s Biggest Environmental Problems? – Next City

the cost of plastic and a great reason to forego buying individual bottled water!

Avoid plastic when pregnant

Health Q&A: limiting chemical exposure for pregnancy - Telegraph

Photographs by Evan Kafka

Biodegradable plastic emits methane faster

The Washington Post reports: "BPA is still everywhere, and mounting evidence suggests harmful effects." www.washingtonpos...

(NaturalNews) Widespread consumer demand for plastic products that are free of the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) has led to some significant positive changes in the way that food, beverage and water containers are manufactured. But a new study out of Germany has found that thousands of other potentially harmful chemicals are still leeching from plastic products into food and beverages, including an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) known as di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate, or DEHF...

EcoWatch reported: "Early Exposure to BPA Linked to Anxiety and Hyperactivity in Boys."

Early Exposure to BPA Linked to Anxiety and Hyperactivity in Boys

Plastic water bottles are a waste of our natural resources, not to mention that what companies put in them is STOLEN from public waterways for their own personal profit.

7 Nasty Effects of BPA – The Plastic Chemical

These bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours.

RCOG paper outlines safety first approach to chemical exposure

*COCO-COLA DASANI BOTTLED WATER* contains potassium chloride, which is what they use in lethal injections--you know, the stuff they outright kill people with. These amounts will not kill you outright, but slowly.

[Infographic] Know Your Plastic Card Basics

Get to Know you Plastic..the good, the bad.......Photo used under Creative Commons from Horia Varlan

There's more to recycling than paper or plastic. Take the mystery out of recycling by following this handy guide. Know your plastic!

Recycle & Know your #plastics

Why should you boycott bottled water? 3 liters of regular water go into making just 1 liter of bottled water, #conservewater