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(Lucy) 1956 Ford 2 door sedan Project car

. It’s a former Governor of Maryland Fleet car. its mysterious past it had a 1959 ford Fe Interceptor V-8 swapped into it a Four Speed transmission and a long geared 9 inch rear end. Heavier front and rear springs dual shocks up front, and front and rear sway bars. An interesting assortment of modifications, I'm still doing research on this car but one retired police officer told me that cars like this were used to run down bootleggers or run contraband for government officials

390 ci FE-Building Tips & Tricks

FE-Building Tips & Tricks

55 Customline

55 Customline

rough outline of what I'm going to do

"New Jersey Turnpike. Ridin' on a wet night. 'Neath the refinery's glow. Out where the great black rivers flow. License, registration? I ain't got none. But I got a clear conscience 'bout the things that I done. Mister State Trooper, please don't stop me, please don't stop me, please don't stop me." -Springsteen

LAOROSA | DESIGN-JUNKY: Nice Police Car... (16pics)

1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria Hardtop Hot Rod Car Art Print

A 390 with 3 deuces... 401 H.P. was available in 1961. It replaced the 360 H.P. 352 that came in the 1960.


Transmission Dimension Chart

Transmission Dimension Chart