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An informed opinion ... for Human Resource Managers who desire to promote and maintain a healthy workplace culture.

Nice theory

"I am waiting to be lit ... i want to be set aflame .... i want us to burn ..." -Tyler Knott Gregson

Core Values #values

painting by Hassan Massoudy of a phrase by Khalil Gibran which says: "Will my heart become a tree laden heavily with fruit that I can pick and give to others?" The word "fruit" is highlighted.

Happiness quote. -Absolutely!! I choose to eliminate negative, life sucking miserable people from OUR family. - NIK UPDATE : 414 people re-pinning?! Uh, yeah they get it. We're so grateful that we eliminated communication a very long time ago! Couldn't be happier!! :-))

Why Being Pro-Choice Is One Of The Best Ways To Be Pro-Life//we should also never have the right to tell others what to do with their bodies. . Even if we don't agree with their choices.

"Trust Women" is more than just a slogan for Pro-Choice people. Is our mantra, our philosophy, and our deeper belief. It means we trust you, the woman, to know what is best for your body and life. It's okay to be scared, and it's okay to seek help, and ask questions- in the end you'll know the right answer for you. And we, the Pro-Choice Movement, support you in your choice (whichever you decided) 100%…

Anais Nin

my mom shared this quote with me recently. Interesting and true


I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear. Oprah Winfrey