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Introducing a new line of grass-fed beef – good for your table, good for your body | Lunds and Byerly's Blog

Lunds and Byerly's is introducing a new line of grass-fed beef – good for your table, good for your body | Lunds and Byerly's Blog

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Beef Tenderloin Supreme Extraordinary in taste and presentation.

Beef Tenderloin Crostini An electric knife works well for thinly slicing bread and beef tenderloin.

Basque Chicken This traditional dish from the Pays Basque region of France is perfect for an early spring meal.

Your guide to a simple, succulent prime rib

Porterhouse: O.K, if you are anything like me, you’ll find yourself saying “I want it all”. It must have a bone heaping with flavor, deep and rich marbling, and a tender bite. Oh, and by the way I’m really hungry so it has to be huge. Look no further than a Porterhouse. The Porterhouse steak is comprised of two cuts, the strip and filet. Taken form the short loin the porterhouse is typically the last 3 cuts of the loin where the filet is much larger. The remaining steaks are referred to as T-bones.

New York Strip: I often refer to a New York strip steak as the “crowd pleaser”. Moderate marbling and shape make it extremely easy to cook on just about any grill at any temperature. It slices very easily and presents beautifully on top of salads or alongside other protein options. I often plan on fish for dinner and still walk out of the store purchasing one these to slice thin and serve alongside fish.

Rib-eye: Nearly all of the rib-eye’s qualities can be attributed to excellent marbling and higher fat content. Steaks with such attributes have a much stronger flavor and absorb marinades far better than leaner cuts.

Tenderloin: Believe it or not, a large portion of the beef eating universe think a steak with very little fat and no bone is a good thing. Have you ever watched someone nervously try to cut and trim around something at the table with a dull knife all while trying to answer a serious question? Have you ever heard the expression “you could cut the tension in the room with a knife”? When cooked properly, even the dullest of knives will slice right through, making it easy to share.

So what’s the rub on ribs? Ribs vary in each locale with barbecuing being a very serious endeavor in many regions. “Dry” ribs are rubbed with a dry seasoning mixture and rubbed into the meat before barbecuing. “Wet” ribs are sauced generously during the cooking process, preferably during the last 30 minutes. This prevents the sauce from burning.