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An anchor chart of comparing/contrasting terms to help students explain the differences and similarities of a topic

Research shows that when students track their own learning and data, they perform better. Check out this blog post to start tracking your students learning and data.

AWESOME Anchor Charts for Reading and Math...think about how this chart might look in math..students go through many of the same processes

Non-fiction reading strategies and knowing when to stop, think, talk, and jot -- love this!

"Write "terms to know" on the board and then have each student erase one and tell the class something about that term (definition, connection, example, etc.). Follow link to read about using a graffiti board as an Activating Prior Knowledge lesson. I can totally do this on the first day of school!"

Across the grade levels, Common Core wants students to understand, describe, and/or analyze the connections between ideas or events. The arrows were drawn to help students remember this while they read. Literacy & Math Ideas: Using Interactive Common Core Reading Journals to Teach Theme