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Preschool cloud theme ideas

They call it a "Soap Cloud", you can play with it, smoosh it to a billion pieces, or smoosh it and then make it into tiny soap bars (complete with fun colors). This stuff really does rock! Anyway, Trina and her kids did this and had some disappointing results.

read the book, “It Looked Like Spilt Milk”. The kids did a little writing… “Sometimes clouds can look like...” and then we followed it up with a craft: mix equal parts glue and shaving cream together and painted it in the shape that we wrote about. When the mixture dries, the cloud stays puffy and it gives a little when you touch it. It's the COOLEST thing!!!!

The First Grade Parade: Cloudy and the 50th Day

This is part two of the Discovering the planet Earth series. We are learning about the clouds. It includes experiments like evaporation, making the rain drop, how it rains? Why are rain clouds dark? All in a preschooler friendly way.

cloud-blowing with cotton balls

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