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50th Day of School

~ Sock Hop...Bubble Gum Blowing Contest... Limbo...RootBeer Floats...Hula Hoops...Poodle Skirts...Tootsie Pops ~

50th Day - This 39 page unit includes 2 literacy centers, 2 math centers, and 1 emergent reader activity.Literacy and math centers includedLiteracy Activit...

FREEBIE 50th Day Activities 17 pages of activities that can be done to celebrate the 50th day of school

I'm thinking... writing activity, "How to blow a bubble"

Peace, Love and Kindergarten

50th Day Goodies

Peace, Love and Learning: 50th Day Goodies

50's day. Greater than 50 numbers on a record cutout.

Buck's Bulletin Board

50th Day of school

Freebies for 50th Day -Have a 50's week!!

Flying into First Grade: FREEBIE!!! 50th Day Activities!!!

50th day Venn Diagram

Fabulous in First: 50 Day Fun!

rock 'n roll patterns (freebie) for 50th day of school