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Inspirational quote by Kahlil Gibran. It reminds me that with every obstacle I become stronger. Hardship may make me feel small sometimes, but it does not weaken me.

Divorceism: Strong Souls Emerge from Scars - Trash The Dress

Leo Barbara, this was so true of you. You made it safe for everyone, but not always for yourself.

a typical leo doesn't mind having that outgoing personality with friends. when they are home however, they can become unusually quiet and solitary, unwelcoming of any disturbance

I dont believe in horoscopes bc i have never really thought i was anything like my sign describes.. but this one does Leo & Stress

This might be one of the truest things I have heard about me. I can never fully trust someone after they did something wrong. Ever.

Gotta love being a Leo so true! I can't stand being ignored or disloyalty when given. @B LK Joslyn @Melina Martinez Hudak @Julia Lanfersieck @Emily Schoenfeld @Lula Ruiz H @abbey g Luv you guys!

LEO- it's hard for us to ask for help cause we think it will make us appear weak which will hurt our ego. FOLLOW:

Leo With my July 21st birthday I've been told I'm a cusp baby. Could be why I have the I will attitude.

I fall under the Cancer zodiac sign but never seem to fit any of those descriptions... Had I not been born a month early I would have been a Leo.. A little more fitting I think. #leo

When talking about certain friends to other friends I always defend by saying if you could only see this other side....

Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. It will definitely destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow.

Feminism is not about having a career

Rather, being grateful you're not face to face so you don't punch them without thinking.