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I (miss, like, love, adore, admire, fancy) YOU

Mouse House - Hallway Night Light. Seriously this is just the cutest night light ever!

Lights above the bath so you can shut off the regular lights and relax. Dreamy.

Breakfast nook down stairs and master bedroom walk out porch upstairs! Love love love!

Fill a round balloon with water and set outside until almost frozen through. Run hot water over frozen globe until balloon pops off. Pour out unfrozen water from inside and insert a tealite. Makes a great walkway accent. If I ever live anywhere cold.....

if you want creative envelopes, go to #Google Maps, map the route from your letter to the other person's mailbox. Print them up, fold them into 8 by 11 envelopes

Stilettos with removable ballet flats built in for when your feet get tired of the heels. Genius!

Take a ticket stub, plane ticket or whatever to kinkos, have them blow it up, print it on that fabric transfer material to make a pillow. This would be so fun for big trips or things done as a couple (honeymoon tix, first concert together, etc)

Get some plastic animals at a thrift shop; saw them in half, paint them with spray paint & super glue a magnet to the back.

"Moody couch". Bean-bag style couch with built in pillow and blanket for days you just wanna curl up in a cocoon. OMGOSHHHH

Corner rod for planning outfits/what to wear the next day. clever for those wasted corner spaces.