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▶ Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students. We all need to watch this once a day! Love soul pancakes. Thank you for reminding us of the reasons behind the teaching. Wouldn't it be fun to make a video like this as a class? "Why" are we learning?

Mrs. P's Magic Library is the perfect place for a child to spend an afternoon being read to by Mrs. P (actress Kathy Kinney). This free site offers activities, games and the delightful Mrs. P telling stories and reading classic Fairy Tales. Ages 1 - 100!

Festisite: generate worldwide currency with your kid's face on it, change text in common logos, and get your creative on. You can then download your personalized, custom images, even in high-resolution!

winter displays in library | Library Displays

3 Key Ideas for Parents about the Common Core: A Handout - Wonderful free resource from Jennifer Jones of Hello Literacy This handout does not touch on any specific common core standards, but instead works on the ideas behind common core and is directed at parents.

Movement activities to go along with children's books

This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it, and mold it into shapes! It's not wet and messy, either! This is awesome!

Students create a T-shirt design inspired by the book they read. Coolest book reports ever! Lots of great examples.