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Such a great presentation for a salad.

Best way to use up all of your zucchini.

Ateliers Arthur Ourasi - WANT.

Clae Powell. Love the casual preppy balance!

Hannah Georgas, Hannah Georgas

Heartthrob (Deluxe Version), Tegan and Sara

These Braven bluetooth speakers are absolutely fantastic. Great for music on the patio, while showering, cooking and ideal for working from home days with the built-in mic.

I REALLY want this Burberry coat!

Look, it's me!!

The new bike! Specialized Bicycle Components : Roubaix Comp Compact

Oh Land / Idolator - I'm obsessed.

New favourite fragrance - so good.

My new commuter bike, the Opus Zermatt! Yay Opus and thanks to Urbane Cyclist for being so helpful!

I sort of hate to admit it (but only a little) I'm SORELY tempted to sell my iPad 2 and upgrade...

My new bike shop, who are proud supporters of the Friends for Life Bike Rally!

My first (and current) bike. Felt makes great bikes!

Love that EKOI is a Canadian company, and they make great stuff (like this rad pair of bibs I just bought!)

I love these glasses from Warby Parker. The Wiloughby in Tennessee Whiskey. Not only are they fabulous - but Warby Parker as a business is amazing. If you're in the market for some new glasses, you should REALLY check them out!

Downton Abbey - The Dowager meets Angelina. That saucy minx.

I'm obsessed with Downton Abbey!