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\The Hausmannian Building in Paris, France looks like a blurred picture, but is a real building wrapped in an amazing mural by artist John Pugh.

this is weird and creepy and I'm pretty sure no dentist would reccommend it!

um..well alrighty then

The world would be a boring place without freaks (29 photos)

The Wave - Almere, Netherlands | Architect: Reńe Van Zuuk | Photographer: Erik van Roekel

Merry Christmas~♛

Fred and Ginger Building: Amazing Snaps: Dancing House, Prague

What in the world would possess you to do something like this to a poor, defenseless dog? Nuts!

Crazy Hair Don'ts: odd haircuts boy 24 Crazy People With Odd Hair Cuts

Making plated leg armour- Not that I need to know this, but why not? Never know when you might need to put on some armor to fight a dragon or a demon.