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"Did you know that a woman founded the first university? (Fatima al-Fihri) ...was elected to congress four years before women could vote? (Jeannette Rankin) ...invented technology that makes wireless communication possible? (Hedy Lamarr) ...was the first African American to become a licensed airplane pilot? (Bessie Coleman)..." [click on this image to find a link to find a bundle of videos related to the sociological study of gender] Artist:Rebecca Cohen (rebeccacohenart.t...)

Every woman must be free to dress as she chooses, as the expression of her own beliefs. - a very interesting interview with a Muslim feminist woman.

“The hijab is an expression of my feminism” | Faith In Feminism

Racism: the culture of denial

How to address denial of racism - All Together Now

From Codeswitch: The Questions People Get Asked About Their Race | Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian (N.A.H.)

Tips for Allies of Transgender People | GLAAD

Tips for Allies of Transgender People

Transmisogyny: What Is It?

Transmisogyny: What Is It?

The Throne Within: If it's a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed. - Kahlil Gibran Ricardo Levins Morales - Art for Social Justice

Equal Pay

The fact that over 45 years have passed since the Equal Pay Act was signed and women still face unfair pay shows that discrimination is aliv...

Costco is successful while giving living conditions to their workers. Fair pay doesn't destroy companies, but greed destroys society.

From Alexandra Dal: “Questions”--racial assumptions cause pernicious microagressions

From Alexandra Dal: "Questions"

Without women, computing as we know it would not exist! Great Tumblr about ladies in the science world! :D

The stats are true, the facts explain it, how much longer until our justice and legal system address it?