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Cool Experiments and Tricks

make rain clouds in your kitchen and other color mixing activities

Kitchen Science: Making Rain Clouds - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Science from Trash--cool website with lots of things to make from trash

Science from Trash

Rainbow Science Experiments for Kids

Rainbow Science Experiments - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Electric Play Dough - cool way to add a jolt of excitement to a rainy day activity

So cool! Have you seen what happens when you drop a magnet through a copper pipe? {Newton's Nightmare | Steve Spangler Science}

Whoa! How to make pH paper from red cabbage to use for science experiments and cool sciencey art projects

Experiment: Red Cabbage pH Indicator - Classic Play!

20+ Really Fun Science Activities for Kids. So many great hands on Science Ideas for Preschool and Homeschool STudents.

Bubble Science! (Also includes bubble solution recipe and directions to make a bubble blower!)

15 Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids | Mental Floss

15 Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids

An inspiring list of gift recommendations for the budding young scientists in our lives.

Lemon Juice Eruptions Salt Tray - great for kids who are not too thrilled about vinegar.

Easy Dry Ice Experiment for Young Kids - Have fun doing science at home!

Fun Science Experiments for Kids- water transfer, surface tension, magic potions, rainbow science, and more!

15 Tools for Fun Science Experiments and Sensory Play -- Items that are often found at The Dollar Store, local grocery stores, and even around the house! Great ideas for getting science and sensory play started at home and at school!

10 Experiments for Kids (that are super easy to set up)! ~ Buggy and Buddy

10 Easy Science Activities for Kids - Buggy and Buddy

Great Summer Science Experiment... Alka-Seltzer Rockets!

Eruptions with Kool Aid for sensory play and science in one. Hint: no vinegar necessary!