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Go to the beach...even for just a day.

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I want to find a real arrowhead.

  • Otis Flywheel

    you have to get out and walk in fields that have been plowed and then rained on. If there is no farming in your area you will need to go walk the creaks and river edges. You can also find them in gravel beds and they will surface through the mechanism of frost heave. It takes a while but once your eyes and brain become calibrated you will be able to notice flint/chert flakes and chipped stone. Good luck and have fun. Watch out if you are going to buy arrowheads, because ones like this picture are modern made

  • Lydia Cross

    I was wondering how those in the picture could stay so sharp if they were old artifacts. There's something special about finding one on your own. I didn't find any arrowheads this summer, but I did find a hide-scraper and a tomahawk. Maybe next summer though! : )

I will work towards the physical ideal that this society has dictated.

Live under the routine of an old school alarm clock.