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Charissa Beaumont
Charissa Beaumont
Charissa Beaumont

Charissa Beaumont

House Plans - Home Plan Details : Craftsman Lodge Home

using this for a door i have where i recorded the boys heights as they grew..i will never get rid of that door or paint over it and now i know how i can recycle it!

I'm probably jumping the gun, but I love this purple color. I don't know if that'd be too crazy for the walls in the kitchen though. The other thing here is the storage. We need a place to put hats/mittens by the coat rack but battle with the two doors. Any ideas are welcome!

  • Kirsten Danielle Design

    Hmm...I'll think about it. It is tricky though since the door is literally right in the corner.

  • Kirsten Danielle Design

    As for the purple, I'd recommend not painting the whole kitchen that color...but we could maybe do an accent wall (where the coats go?) and then bring in that color through other accents?

Wall Mount Coat Rack for the Entryway - DIY?

  • Joyce Galloway Parker

    @Alicia Weston, It looks like they first used a yellow cake mix, added sprinkles in the batter for the color, then (after baked and cooled) topped with a cake batter flavored ice cream, then topped with whipped cream, then added sprinkles on top. As a cake decorator (for over 35 years), I almost never use canned whipped cream (such as Redi Whip), but I would do so with these. It would be easier, and trying to pipe whipped cream from a pastry bag can get a bit tricky if you don't work very quickly, because the heat from your hands reduces the volume of the whipped cream. And if you can't find any cake batter flavored ice cream, you could use vanilla, or any other flavor you want.

  • Joyce Galloway Parker

    p.s. I forgot to add it would be a good idea to let the ice cream get a little soft, then spoon some into clean cupcake pans, then freeze. After it's frozen solid, place cup cake pan on warm dish towel to loosen ice cream, then place on top of cup cakes. This will ensure the ice cream is the same diameter as the cup cakes, and will make it much easier to work with. After assembly is complete, store in freezer if not being eaten immediately.

  • Margo Morgan

    They look just soooo yummy!!

  • Jessica Royster

    @Angie Davis @Nicki Davis I can make these for Ed's bday, but red velvet instead

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Pumpkin-Hazelnut Cheesecake

Shower Rod against back wall with wire hanging baskets for tub storage. Will have to do, ckf