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'So, Zo...': How to Construct Undies with a Serger and FOE from sozowhatdoyouknow.... Doubt I'll ever do this but I keep thinking about it.

'So, Zo...': How to Construct Undies with a Serger and FOE

Herbs and flowers that can be infused into oil from These would be fun to use in lotion bars!

Solar Infused Herbal Oils « The Mountain Rose Blog

Soap Nuts Shampoo from I didn't know you could use these for shampoo. I wonder how well it actually works? They're great for most laundry.

Homemade Soap Nuts Shampoo - Wellness Mama

Most Delicious Iced Coffee in the World! from This is my favorite cold-brew coffee recipe for making iced coffee.

the velvet bird: Most Delicious Iced Coffee in the World!

Super Easy Hard Lotion Bar Recipe from I made this recipe and it turned out great. I used beeswax, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil. I infused some chocolate peppermint tea into the almond oil before mixing it with the rest of the stuff (filtering the oil first) and it gave it a lovely chocolate mint smell.

store-sak-saum-collections from For when I'm ready to buy a new bag. Cute bags that help women in Cambodia escape exploitation.

How to Create a Draped Cowl Neckline from Might have to try this sometime. I like this type of neckline (but in the front, generally, not the back).

Feel Good Pants from This is a cute pattern for comfy pants. I wonder if I could alter the ankle cinch so that it was more comfortable? Would that take care of twisting, riding up pj pants?

Magnesium Lotion from modernalternative.... Use shea butter, avocado oil, magnesium oil, and beeswax to make a magnesium lotion. This is great since I tend to be slightly on the deficient side of magnesium intake. The lotion turned out a bit oily for me, but otherwise nice. I will look into some lighter oils to use next time.

Homemade Dry Shampoo from jessyratfink on Make a dry shampoo using baking soda, cornstarch, and cocoa. I might try this to space out how long I go between "real" cleanings on my hair.

{single serving} deep dish chocolate chip cookie from lacreativitedelaf.... Yummy! Tried it: Results will vary depending upon the wattage of your microwave and the type of mug you use to "bake" the cookie. My cookie turned out a bit rubbery and more cake-like in texture. It was very yummy, though, especially with a scoop of ice cream. Next time I will reduce the amount of sugar by a bit.

Buttons and Frills Knockoff Skirt tutorial from How to sew that adorable skirt that I pinned a while back and have been planning to make for myself! :)

Homemade All-Natural Deodorant from passionatehomemak.... I would love to make this for myself one day.