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Waterfalls Restaurant, Villa Escudero ( Quezon Province, Philippines) where you can lunch to the backdrop of thundering clear spring water which washes over your feet and enjoy a spa experience afterwards. via #Waterfalls_Restaurant #Villa_Escuderon #Phillipines #feeldesain

This is in Michigan... pretty cool

Amazingly, a single day on Venus is longer than its entire year. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to completely rotate on its axis, but just 225 days to orbit the sun. Stranger still, Venus is one of two planets that rotates in reverse, a phenomenon called retrograde motion. Most theories attribute the reverse rotation to an ancient planetary collision.

Indianapolis Museum of Art, photo by lauralei2: @Rebecca Silbermann ! #Indianapolis #Museum #lauralei2 #Love:[ Is this worth traveling to?? Michael & I LOVE traveling AND museums]

Tunnel of dreams

A 300-foot, 1,500 years old titan in California’s Redwoods State Park, composed of 84 images by Michael Nichols