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Netflix Instant Movies to Watch

82 Pins

Netflix Instant Movies to Watch

  • 82 Pins

sleepwalk with me is on netflix instant. It's ok.

It was decent.

the best of youth - well worth the 6 hours

likely the movie that made me think everyone is secret sex trafficker and made me worried for life about sex slavery. so i guess that's a plus???

tiny furniture - . yep, i enjoyed it.

Good movie, imo.

Oscar nominated. The ending is not believable. Good acting.

Saw it on the plane. It's like Unfaithful. There are certain scenes that make it worth it. Also, Robin Wright can make almost anything work bc she is a good actress. Don't expect an amazing film.

Adore Movie Review & Film Summary (2013) | Roger Ebert

House of Cards is the best show on the television right now. But, beware of 100 percent horrible people. #hoc #netflix

'House Of Cards' Is Built To Last

Outlaw Country. This is a pretty good made for tv movie that's available on netflix. I was judging the fact that it's made for tv but it was a good time passer. ...wait. i wrote this halfway through the movie. the end makes me not happy.

definitely on my list of good films. I gave this one five stars. Although, I felt disturbed while watching "Battle Royale."

Liked The Last Fall and is good to pass the time. Nicole Beharie will be the actress we're talking about in 5 years. I support Lance Gross's b

Kiss Me is an independent forbidden love flick that is very well done and worth watching. A love story is a love story. I love good love stories.

After the Wedding will likely depress you.

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Friends with Kids. I'm a Westfeldt stan.

LUV. The first time Common did not make me stabby.

  • Tarana Burke

    Really? Bc he made me crazy here too. Although I guess it's relative to his other performances which were sniper worthy. Okay.

Watch This Now.

30 for 30: The Two Escobars

In keeping with my theme of gangster flicks, Angel of Evil (2010) is not bad at all. From Netflix: This action-packed crime thriller profiles the bloody career of Renato Vallanzasca, a daring and handsome outlaw who gained fame -- and celebrity-style adoration by many -- during the 1970s with a brazen string of robberies, kidnappings and murders.

Never Forever (2007) Vera Farmiga stars in this heartbreaking drama (a 2006 Sundance Film Festival entry) as Sophie, a woman who's utterly devoted to her husband but finds she's unable to get pregnant. I can't even explain this movie using my own words. It's weird.

Never Forever | Netflix