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As the summer hits its peak your garden may be in need of a little boost. Compost tea is the perfect way to water your plants and add nutrients at the same time!

Compost Tea - What It Is, How to Make It, and the Benefits

Gardening in August: What you can plant. By Region.

Organic Herbs and Veggies to Plant in August

SchneiderPeeps - Growing Buckwheat - for a cover crop. for bees and for seed

In The Garden…Growing Buckwheat

Creative with Pallets DIY | Pallet Furniture Plans

Concrete gap filler. Never weed again!! I did this on my patio and driveway. Love it! This is what parks and public places use. Available at Lowes and Home Depot in different colors in the concrete dept.

Companion Planting - What Not to Plant Together when Gardening

5 Tips on How to Grow Melons in Your Garden

Coffee by-products can be used in the garden and farm as follows: * Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen. * Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance. Coffee filters and tea bags break down rapidly during composting. *Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer. Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature. * Mix into soil for house...

What a great idea! A simple, cheap and effective way to protect raised beds from frost and freeze!

Five Steps to Feeding Hummingbirds in Your Hand

Baking soda