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Poetry/Figurative Language

FREE SAMPLE Students take turns picking a RED card, reading the phrase and determining what it means. If they have the yellow card that explain...

Finally, an EASY TEACH unit that will have your kiddos writing 6 common forms of poetry in no time. Perfect for Nation Poetry Month or to help support your own poetry lesson. Includes Anthology Project! ($)

Easy Teach Poetry Unit

Teaching Onomatopoeia door decor! (Dead pin)

How to use phonics poems - make them interactive and use them all week long!

Interactive Poetry Notebooks!

Aligned with The Common Core Originally this poetry pack was designed around the month of April. However,poetry should really happen all year lon...

Figurative Language File Folder Game- Great to review alliteration, hyperbole, idiom, metaphor, personification, idiom, and onomatopoeia

This resource includes 75 printable {usable} pages that can be used to launch poetry centers in your classroom as each skill/strategy is introduced...